Saturday, November 28, 2015

Arguing with Myself

Discussion with self:

Inspiration part of me (IS):  You need to post to your blog.

Argumentative part of me (AS):  I know, but I have so little to write at the moment.

IS:      People will wonder where you are.
AS:    I've thought of that; but I still don't have much to write   
           about just now.
IS:     Maybe you should just visit other bloggers; 
          see what's going on in their lives.
AS:    Now that's a guilt trip, if ever there was one.
IS:     No.  It's just a reminder that you miss the many 
          you've come to know & love.
AS:   Well that's true, but I feel so unmotivated.
IS:    What's that all about?
AS:   Lazy.
IS:    You probably need to work on that.

It's likely nothing will change before the end of 2015, at least not where blogging or writing is concerned; the conflict will continue. I had fully intended when this year began to minimize the amount of time I spent here, but I had no intention of the minimum being so minimal a minimum.  Already I'm thinking about some changes for 2016, all the while hoping my Inspired Self will win out.