Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Complexities of Keeping It Simple

I'm bound & determined to live life in the primaries (think simplicity) this year.  But for the life of me I can't find a combination to equal the days' doings, or the months' for that matter.

It all began last summer when, shortly after moving into our lodge perch, my husband twisted an ankle & fell down a slope while carrying a weighty load of bricks. Immediately he realized he'd damaged his knee in the process.  Now, many months & no little pain later, he's had a full knee replacement. That took place three weeks ago.

I'm pleased to report his surgery went very well, and he's done better than anyone expected in getting up & going again.  It's been rugged, no doubt.  But thanks to modern medicine (think pain meds) and an indomitable spirit, he's pressed on.

Last week he had yet another surgery for the removal of a cataract.  No big deal. And it wasn't.  Not only were they able to extract the murky lens from his right eye, but they rendered his vision 20/15. Definitely a success!

Here's where the crayon scramble gets messy ...

In the night following his cataract surgery he woke with a start only to discover his backside covered with huge hives. From his neck all the way to backsides of his knees he was festooned.  By morning we were in the doctor's office.  They juggled some meds, added Benadryl, assured him they'd abate, & sent us on our way.

Well, those wicked hives are now the size of small pancakes (both diameter & depth) and as vigorous as ever.  We spent most of today at the local clinic. They've pretty much determined they're the result of the pain meds he's been taking for his knee, so he's stopped taking them to see what happens.

The good news?  The hives are diminishing.
The bad news?  The pain is quite unpleasant.

How like life, huh?

Anyway, I'm back to my box of Crayolas now in search of something that approximates these very colorful days.  There's a lot you can do with red, yellow, blue & green.  I think.

That about does it.


Sonja Goodson said...

Well for petes sake! I was wondering where you were... now I know. Bless his heart, not fun. I trust he is on the mend and things will level off.

Interesting parallel... my husband goes in on Tuesday for the first of 3 gel injections in his right knee. It has become painful and hard to put weight on it, an old football injury, but apparently the cartilage has been slowly going away, and this gel is supposed to alleviate the pain... we will see... dr. says he doesn't need a knee replacement, so time will tell.

Glad yours is through the worst of this. Yep... lots of colors in this life, and you've been drawing with some new ones this past year or 2. :)

rebecca said...

Almost exactly a year ago I fell & as a result had emergency hip replacement. Six months later, a knee replacement. I've had enough replacements to last me the rest of my life! Thankfully I didn't react to the pain meds the way your husband is! (But neither was I doing so well 3 weeks after surgery!)

Praying for you both. My sweet "caregiver" had his own surgery in between my two - quadruple bypass! I'd like to think that caring for me was not a contributing factor!

All that to say "Take good care of yourself" and "Old age isn't for sissies"! :)

Sharon said...

I love how you draw the colors of your life. And I'm so glad that the picture isn't perfect! I like a woman who's willing to admit to a messy bunch of scribbling. Hopefully your hubby's troubles will resolve themselves soon. And yes, you make a good point - life is both the subsiding of difficulties, and the interruption of pain.

I guess the important thing is to keep using the crayons...


Just a little something from Judy said...

You know what my friend? I can relate right now to the messy colors. Not in the same way, but in my own custom designed life journey. Sometimes, like you, I yearn for coloring that is within the lines and perfectly shaded.

I am sorry you are going through this painful journey right now, but I am thankful for this post.