Thursday, September 25, 2014

H2O Lessons

I grew up with webbed feet, having lived most all of my days in the drizzly Pacific Northwest.  As children we learned to play in the rain.  Rubber boots and a rain slicker made possible all manner of H2O adventures; and even my walk to school was a charmed & charming experience.  The rough-and-tumble sort didn't bother to cover their heads.

Yesterday the wind picked up and something in the air clearly spelled change.  The organic scent of recently fallen & now decaying fruit laced the air.  Dirt & dried grass competed for olefactory supremacy ~ all of it carried here-and-there upon an Autumn breeze.  Rain drops eventually joined the convention, becoming torrential with each passing hour.  At once I was a child again, remembering the-rain play of yesteryear as well as the inspiration unique to the changing seasons.

At one point I donned my rubber boots & hooded jacket. I leashed up the furball in residence and away we went. She seemed to enjoy the kicking of leaves as much as I did, though I did not share her enchantment with worms ~ those slimy, squirmy Lumbricina summoned to the surface by a too much saturated earth.  Just beyond the fenced orchard in which we reside we encountered deer, three of them.  We must have been up-wind because they paid us no heed, continuing as they did to rob the neighbor's deer-proof, fenced orchard of as-yet unpicked apples.  I giggled a bit before "shoo'ing" them away.

The return trip brought a lump to my throat.  I was saddened to think that so many unsung, rainy days have long since passed from my life; my childhood but a fading chapter in my story.  How much of the rainy realm have I disdained as an inconvenience, or as an ugly substitute for the glories of summer?  How often have I missed an opportunity to kick leaves or watch grazing animals, even naughty ones through the mist?  How many years has it been since I owned, much less wore rubber boots & a slicker?  

"Too long!", I concluded; "too long".

So now I'm gathering up my rain gear once again to see what I might discover in today's downpour.  I hope it won't include worms.

" ... rejoice in the wisdom of a Father's heart 
and richly enjoy what is handed you day-by-day; 
that is the secret of life." 
~ Ray Stedman

What was a torrent only 
moments ago is now passed.
~ Me


Sharon said...

I love it! What a fun time. Yes, we do lose sight sometimes of our *childhood* - and the sense of imagination and carefree fun that we so enjoyed when we were younger.

I feel that way when it snows up here. Get out the sled - and I'm 8 again!!


Saleslady371 said...

Lovely post. Makes me miss the those soaking rains!

Terri Tiffany said...

Awesome. Your writing is beautiful and I loved the picture of your sweet dog. I too think about some times like you enjoyed and wonder why I'm not doing it! Going out for my morning walk soon and will think on this again.

Thoughts for the day said...

Your day sounds wonderful and that pup is adorable.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Your writing skills make even my time spent reading about water, so interesting! Your words pull one right into the setting and I could almost feel the raindrops. Soaking rain is in our forecast for this evening. I really enjoyed the minutes I got to spend here again. Keep posting my friend.

Maryann said...

This was a little convicting for me, thanks for sharing, I'm 2600putting on my rain boots