Thursday, June 12, 2014

Purple Sage, Pickles & Pears

God waits to win back His own flowers
as gifts from man's hands.
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Here we are, living our dream.  

Over the past several months we've known more snarls & snags to home buying than ever we cared to know, much less experience.  Funny how dim that all seems now that we're home. And never has that word, home, resonated so deeply.  

I'm especially fond of the pear & cherry orchards that surround us, as well as the purple sage growing on our side hill.  (Photo: This morning's squall brewing over the pear orchards & valley below.)

Many are the moments I glance through a window and am struck anew by the beauty surrounding us. What's more, I look across the valley to that long ago place of my father's childhood, Jackass Butte; from whence he walked to & from school every day, & where his parents homesteaded at the turn of the century.  I know I will have many moments ~ planned & unplanned ~ when I consider the deep things of family from this vantage.  My pen is already eager.

But now to finish unpacking.  I'm nearly done emptying & breaking down boxes, which means each room of the house is looking more and more intentional.  In the past few days I've organized closets & drawers; the fine-tuning stuff.  Just today I hung a couple of pictures and made a basket of purple, silk Hydrangeas for my bedroom.  

Interspersed with settling is family time.  My father's sister's children & their children reside here ~ a rather large contingent who are well acquainted with the rural, farming/ranching life.  To my great delight, they re-acquainted me with sliced dill pickles on a ham sandwich last week.  It's my new go-too food for lunch!  Our shared history and many co-mingled childhood memories make for marvelous jabber-jawing.

I'll be back in earnest soon.  But for now I've got my work cut out for me, and I like that just fine.

God's gifts put man's best dreams to shame.
~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Denise said...

Be blessed dear, not stressed.

Just a little something from Judy said...

The way you write, and share your heart thoughts, always blesses me. I find myself sitting on your porch, looking out your windows, and reliving your past, with each recent post. I am so happy for you two and the new place you call home. As for the pickles on the ham sandwich, well, only yesterday, on the way home from the airport, my husband thanked me for always putting pickles on the ham and cheese sandwiches that I packed for him:) We do have lots in common, right?

Enjoy each new adventure!

Sharon said...

Wonderful! It's looks like you have landed in your *perfect place* - and that you are settling in! Home is where the heart is, and it sounds like your heart is moving in just fine!!

Rebecca said...

Good to hear/"watch" you settle in :)

Rebecca said...

Good to read of and "watch" you settle in! What a beautiful view you have...

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It's fun to watch your settling in. In many ways, we're on the adventure with you - dreaming alongside for the day when we might do the same.

Enjoy this new season, friend.

Sonja Goodson said...

I can just picture you there. I think you are going to just drink it all in, the beauty, the sense of 'being home', new friends, church, all of it> I am sure hubby has already been out on his tractor! Are you going to plant a garden, vegetables, etc.? I'm expecting all the things from you that this city girl doesn't have! :)

Welcome to your new home!