Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hidden in Plain Sight

Indeed, the Lord will give what is good, 
and our land will yield its produce.
~ Psalm 85:12

Little did I know when relocating right, smack-dab in the middle of an orchard ~ two orchards to be exact ~ that they'd provide daily lessons in living.  This is orchard country, and even beyond the fields that border us are are stand-after-stand of fruit trees ~ apples & cherries in wide variety, apricots & plums.  They provide much to consider, even when it would appear that nothing's changed from one day to the next. 

To the front of us is a smallish crop of pears that are, just this morning, basking in the summer sun.  They're still quite small and won't be ready for harvesting until much later in the summer.  For the time-being, they are quietly going about their pear business, growing intentionally, albeit slowly before the observant eye that takes the time to see (which is vastly different from a mere look).  They are also playing host to a rather large contingent of finch, which means we have a regular symphony of trills ~ a delight to the listening ear that hears them.  

To the back & side of us are cherry orchards where a large stand of Royal Ann cherries are taking their sweet time navigating the color spectrum.  They've gone from tiny little moss green nubs to yellow, and now to reddish green orbs.  They're not quite ready for harvest, but you wouldn't know that by a mere glance.  Take one bite & all doubt is erased.  Taste is a powerful index. 

Years ago I discovered a lovely collection of organic thought called "Secrets of the Vine" by Bruce Wilkinson.  It remains among my favorite reads which is why, I'm sure, I am keenly aware of principles associated with farming.  Even so, I am aware of so much more when I take the time to consider what is right in front of me.

Many of God's best secrets are hidden in plain sight. 

For there will be peace for the seed; 
the vine will yield its fruit, 
the land will yield its produce and 
the heavens will give their dew; 
and I will cause the remnant of this 
people to inherit these things.
~ Zechariah 8:12


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

When I was a child, I made myself sick stealing not-fully-ripened cherries from a neighbor's tree. Still and yet, their allure was strong. When they are ripe, well, what a delight!!! If you see someone sneaking around your tree in the future, her name might be Elaine.

Enjoy this new season of fruit-bearing, however and whenever it arrives.

Sharon said...

How beautiful. I understand what you're talking about. Sometimes I am overcome at the wonders God shows me in the mountains that surround our home. Beauty is everywhere...


Sonja Goodson said...

I;ve picked cherried from a ladder not very far from your new home! I ate most of them before they got into the pail. What a land of bounty you will enjoy!!