Monday, May 19, 2014

Braxton Hicks Isn't for Sissies (or Sassies)

Teach us, O Lord, the disciplines of patience, 
for to wait is often harder than to work. 
~ Peter Marshall

Some things take a long, long time ~ like pregnancy.  Nine months, especially during the final days, can seem like an eternity.  I recall it vividly, even though all three of my children arrived early, and even though 40+ years have lapsed since last I was in the business of birthing babies. 

It's not as if gestation, labor and delivery were an accidental process.  It's designed to take nine months ~ 280 days to be exact. The experience is much the same for every woman, and nearly all of us are amazed at how quickly it went by AFTER it's over.  

I feel that way about our long-distance move.  

It all began last August when we found & fell in love with the habitat that's occupied our dreams ever since. We actually purchased a home in September, but due to many snags & snarls beyond our control didn't finalize the purchase until this year; late March to be exact.  Due to a lingering snag*, we've yet to make the actual move.

I'm feeling a lot like a woman who's well-beyond her due date; a woman whose feet are swollen, whose back aches, who waddles, who can rarely find a position of comfort, and who is utterly convinced she'll never, ever be un-pregnant.  Worse, I feel like the women who's endured some measure of pain, thinking it was full on labor; only to be told (as she scowls), "It's not REAL.  It's only Braxton Hicks ~ false labor."  

False labor is NOT synonymous with false pain.  The latter is quite real, no matter how unproductive it might be.

The fact is:  our moving delays are by design, too.  There's a reason behind the roadblocks that hinder us.  Eventually, with 20/20 hindsight, I'll see more clearly ... maybe.  Sometimes God doesn't reveal the "Why?" of His ways with us.  Regardless, there will come a time when I'll be amazed how swiftly the time flew.  

But not today.  

Today I'm up to my eyeballs in frustration and impatience waiting for the Braxton Hicks pains to turn into genuine labor.  I live in a sea of boxes and can't find the Q-tips.  I've arranged movers & services that I'm dangling mid-air.  I'd serve myself a bit of cheese with my whine, but I can't find the cheese either.  

Waiting.  It's designed to be a process. 

Why do you complain ...
Why do you say ...
'My way is hidden from the Lord;
my cause is disregarded by my God'?
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and His understanding no one can fathom.
He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak...
those who hope in the Lord
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not grow faint.
Isaiah 40:27-31

*  Without the tedium of offering ad nauseam details, our delay is due to the tenant's delay in closing on the purchase of their home.  It's a long story that will soon read The End.  That "soon" looks like June 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5 ...).


Denise said...

Sending up prayers for you my friend, love you.

RCUBEs said...

I remember the same kind of pain...when we moved to this house in 2003. Anywhere I look into my life's journey, it seems there is always waiting in everything. I know the Lord must be teaching us "patience" because God knows...we need endless of that in His place...

May your heart remain strong as you trust in His perfect timing!

Debbie said...

You have come up with a perfect analogy. If there was ever a time waiting seemed like FOREVER and time just wouldn't pass and the misery went on and on it was those final days of pregnancy! So you have described how awful this waiting to move thing soo well. Sorry you are going through this, and praying time passes quickly and before you know it you will be in your new home!

Sharon said...

Oh, I get it. Our *snag* two years ago was slightly different though. We bought a house that had been vacant for two years, and badly needed new carpeting and interior paint. We wanted to do that before we moved in. Well, our house *down the hill* sold in 24 hours, and all of a sudden we were faced with a RAPIDLY ticking escrow clock! Frantic packing ensued - after 29 years in the same house - and the incredibly difficult task of coordinating the work to be done at the new house. My husband is a hero...

So, the whole packing/moving thing is indeed an adventure. And either way, frantic (like us) or frustrated (like you), God's hand is in the moments...


Maryann said...

I don't care what your waiting for it's always hard. We like things tied up in a neat little package and delivered when we want it....seldom God's way. Will be praying for you....soon this will be a memory

Sonja Goodson said...

No doubt about it... moving is the pits! But the end result is going to be so well worth it.

I particularly love that passage In Isaiah, such a reminder of the strength that never fails.

Hang in there, it's close!! :)

Linda Hoye said...

Oh how wonderful that first night spent in your new home will feel! As someone who has recently endured the birthing of a new home I can empathize with the agony if waiting for delivery day! I'm on the other side now, have been for a couple of months now, and the wait was well worth it. And it's true....the memories of those labour pains do fade quickly! Wishing you well in the transition.

Saleslady371 said...

I felt that false labor pain in your eloquent words! Such a great way to explain what you're going through. Perfect scripture in Isaiah too! I hope these next weeks bring peace and you are led to just the right box to find things!

Andrea said...

Your lovely post hit me right between my eyes today. My hubby and I are in a waiting season, and it can be quite challenging.

I am blogging again. My new address is

Please be patient, as I'm still working on the graphics.

Much love,


Linda Vaughan said...

Oh Kathleen, even in your frustrated moments, and I can so relate, you have the ability to make me smile ~ I'm especially understanding bout not being able to find the cheese to go with your whine ~