Friday, November 15, 2013

Faith, Family & Friends

'Tis the season to be jolly ...

Isn't it interesting how we get swept up in the spirit of Christmas?  For some the sweeping comes earlier than later; some, like me, who love to deck the halls long before Thanksgiving; and leaving them decked well after the new year.   

Why is that?  

I haven't a clue!

But this I do know:  Whatever  I'm swept up in, it's mysteriously linked to faith, family & friends.  I needn't figure it out beyond that!

Speaking of family, I can tell you that our beloved Molly continues the rugged ordeal associated with battling Ovarian Cancer.  Today is the 4th week in her Chemotherapy juggernaut, which means she's got roughly 14 weeks to go.  She has good and not-so-good days ~ days of energy & humor, days of nausea & bone-chilling weariness.  She's begun losing her long locks in clumps, and has now trimmed them in readiness for the baldness to come.  Above all, she's strong & courageous.  

Also about family ... I have a recently-discovered cousin, Linda, that I've enjoyed getting to know.  She lives in Michigan, so I've not yet had the pleasure of a person-to-person visit, but that'll come, I'm sure.  Her mother & my father derive common DNA from the ever-industrious Annie McFadden-Wells.  Recently she has joined us here in cyberspace & begun to pen posts.  I can assure you she's got a knack for it.  Why not drop by & welcome her at her cyber-home,  Gather Around the Fireplace  ?

Random thought:  Who among you hails from Mountain View, California?  I am blessed to see how often you visit, and how many of my 6+ years of posts you've taken in.  I'm equally stymied by the visitor from the Russian Federation, Mumbai & Lithuania.  Cyberspace is, indeed, a small world.

As the year winds to a close, we ready for the new chapter in our lives:  another move (so what's new?) !  We've not yet got an exact date for the shuffle, but we're hoping it'll be January-ish.  Because of that, I've decided NOT to deck my halls this season.  I'll be packing them instead.  

OK ... so I owe ALL of you a long-overdue visit.  I hope to make the rounds next week, and look forward to hearing all about your escapades.

This is the day
the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it."
~ Psalm 118:24