Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Avoiding Life's Malotia

I have no idea what was his real name.  If ever I knew it, I have long since forgotten it since we only lived in proximity for about nine months.  But I do recall that he liked to be called Wolfman.  He had an affinity for the plight of wolves in the wild.  

Mostly I recall his unique affinity for jargon, Word Junkie that I am!

Why this has come to mind today I cannot say.  Perhaps it's because I'm doing my level best to focus on key priorities instead of laboring over the trivial.  It's a delicate balance, this merging of the Mary & Martha in me.  Wolfman's perspective helps a great deal.

One day, while visiting across the lane with him, he shared a story about his days managing a labor force.  The details are lost to me now, but I still laugh ~ often aloud ~ when I hear the word minutiae (pronounced minoosha).  Think "trivial". Wolfman used the word malotia in its stead.  What's more, he used it every time he spoke, and in every application conceivable.  Never mind it has no  Merriam Webster endorsement.    

"It bothered me no end when people would get caught up 
in the malotia instead of the things that really mattered!"

"I need to take care of a lot of malotia before 
getting my taxes done."

Get the drift?

Are you laughing yet?

I never felt lead to correct Wolfman.  It was just far too much fun anticipating how he'd use malotia the next time.  Besides, I would never have had today's lividity levity had I done so.  I would also not have discovered a new take on Martha's obsession with malotia.


Sonja Goodson said...

You already know that I love this new word... malotia! I wear it with far too much ease sometimes. This is a keeper, not the malotia, just the word!! :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Yes I am laughing! I certainly needed that. I can picture the entire scene!

Linda Bethard Vaughan said...

You keep me in stitches ~

Linda Bethard Vaughan said...

You keep me in stitches ~

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am laughing this evening, laughing mainly because my husband often wishes to correct my sometimes mispronounced words. Oh, he does sometimes, and sometimes like you, he just listens, smiles, and lets me go on with my malotia:)

You are so dear! Giving me a laugh like I needed today. Praying for you and your family so often.

Sharon said...

I loved this! I'm a big fan of words - and some of my favorites are *invented*! My college degree was in English, and so word origins fascinate me. So, I noticed that "malotia" starts with the prefix "mal" - which means bad. And yes, most of the time the malotia of life is truly BAD!!

May I let go of the malotiously distracting minutiae of life - and concentrate on letting go of my Marthaness.