Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beyond One's Means

I've done it.  Perhaps you have too?  Spending beyond one's means.   

It's not something I do anymore, the over-spending thing, having learned some difficult (even painful) lessons that make it fairly easy to count the cost before pulling out the wallet or credit card.   

Yet there are other ways to spend futilely beyond one's means with nary a dollar involved.  It all boils down to the choices I make about ...
  • Commitments
  • Food
  • Thought-life
  • Friendships
  • Work ethic
  • Clock & calendar options
  • Service
  • Prayer-life
  • Causes of disquietude

This is, by no means an exhaustive list.

Why on God's green earth I'm settled into this particular ravine is beyond me.  But here I am, and here I will remain until I've drawn the last draught of wisdom from His well.   

You see, someone asked me this morning:  "What aggravates you about other people; and how do you handle it?" 

My response was immediate:  "People who spend or live beyond their means and expect (directly or manipulatively) me or someone else to fund them when they get into trouble because of it."

Pretty reasonable, I'd say.

Unless ... until ... I conduct the personal inventory that clearly defines my own folly in this regard.

Ravines need not be Box Canyons unless I make them so. 
Above I asked why I'm settled here this morning.  No sooner had I formed that thought than I read today's devotional from My Utmost for His Highest (Oswald Chambers).  Accounting, it seems, is an acquired taste.

Am I fully prepared to allow God to grip me by His power
and do a work in me that is truly worthy of Himself?
Sanctification is not my idea of what I want God to do for me—
sanctification is God’s idea of what He wants to do for me.
But He has to get me into the state of mind and spirit where
I will allow Him to sanctify me completely, whatever the cost ...
So, now that I've got all that in a nutshell, why not add an equally compelling quandary?  What happens when I live beneath my means?  Methinks it's the greater question, and one worthy of it's own post, another day.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Wow - nothing like stretching my mind in both directions, over-spending and under-spending, and then blaming the world for my folly. How we need the Holy Spirit's firm grip on our holiness! I'm glad for his work, but I'm certain we've got miles to go before I sleep.

Thanks for the stretch. Love you.

manthano said...

I had not thought of this beyond money.
Wow! It takes in all of life.
Thanks for expanding the thought.

Denise said...

very wise post.

Skoots1moM said...

do I want to be Holy or wholly worldly? your questions always cause great pondering in His Word ;)

Cheryl Barker said...

Kathleen, this is some great food for thought. You listed some things I wouldn't have thought of. Living beyond or beneath my means -I'm going to try to keep both of these in mind. Thanks!

Janette's Sage/Simply Your Decor said...

Guilty of over spending. Not the money overspending the over spending that takes away from life in other ways.