Thursday, April 25, 2013

Newness of Life

This morning I received jubilant news that a dear friend had become a grandparent for the first time.  The announcement came complete with photos that clearly depicted a worn out mommy & daddy, and a newly minted baby boy.  All the necessary data followed ~ weight, length & a report on the good health of mommy & child. 

My mind wandered.

Even after a span of nearly 44 years, I cannot forget the unique wonders of giving birth for the first time.  Surely a bit of nostalgia tinges my thoughts, but mostly it's gratitude & awe that hold those memories captive.  The hustle of nurses, bright lights & the albino aspects of a delivery room; antiseptic aroma.   Light-hearted chatter; and even laughter. 

Once again I stare at his wee face, tiny fingers & dimpled knees.  I run my fingers over the the crown of dark curls on his head.  I am startled by the perfection of his little lips.  I breath deeply of his newborn scent ~ an incomparable elixir found nowhere on earth except, perhaps, a crushed rose petal. 

A rush of love floods my soul.  It still does. 

My first thoughts at seeing him are in tact also; etched upon my heart for eternity:  "Ahhhhh.  At last I now know how much my mother loved me." And "Where & how did I tuck this little man inside me?"

Newborns.  They tell us as much about God as anything or anyone.

(My mother surveying the newborn Bradley;
and no doubt re-living the grandeur of
her own maternal love.)


Debbie said...

Oh your sooo right! Not much compares to the wonder of giving birth, especially that first time! And the sweet smell of a new baby? Sooo good! My daughter is only about 4 weeks or so away with her second, and I can hardly wait. And then it will be my youngest son's wife in July! My cup runneth over with blessings. Enjoy the rest of your week..

Denise said...

Such a sweet post.

RCUBEs said...

That's what sticks to mind and heart...when that miracle comes out and there is just no exact word to describe the experience and that special gift...You just's from above! brought me back to that wonderful moment worth remembering millions of times!!!

Cheryl Barker said...

What a sweet post. Ah, the newborn elixer! :)

Just a little something from Judy said...

It is all so miraculous and all so much of a treasured gift to us. So happy for your dear friends, and in my heart I know all they have to look forward to. What a special picture!


Just stopped by to say 'hello' and found this precious post about motherhood! And then there is nothing like being Mom-Mom to all 10 of my little ones! God's ways are certainly beyond our finding out! He is amazing~! Congrats to your friend and their family for this newly born son!

Jesus loves the little children...
all the children of the world!

Choosing JOY,