Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roots & Shoots

A number of years ago I began digging around my ancestral roots.  It began with a modicum of interest; one that was sparked by old pictures & family lore.  At some point that spark burst into a veritable inferno, and I've been climbing along various branches of my Family Tree ever since. 

Now, with some 5,140 ancestors identified, the roots & shoots of said tree look decidedly Scots/Irish.  Shamrocks frame my dreams.

The green of my father's DNA is associated with clans like  McFadden, Breslin, Kelly, McAleer/McClare, Campbell & Boyle.  The hue continues on mother's side, with the O'Neals, McDaniels/McDonoughs & Doyles.  Some limbs stretch far, far back to as long ago as 500 A.D. 

I would be remiss to ignore the seemingly lessor sprigs that are associated with my family's British, German & Norwegian heritage.  Those ethnicities aren't as volumnous, but I value them all the same. 

With St. Patrick's Day on the weekend's horizon, I am again pondering those emerald green boughs and all the people that populate them.  Lords & ladies, paupers & peasants, scoundrels & scamps, Catholics & Protestants (and Atheists), adventurers & naturalists.  What a collection!

I am also remembering ~ vividly & fondly ~ the days & nights we spent in Ireland last Fall.  A piece of that land is forever planted in my heart, where much of my heritage has rooted well.

"The longest road out is the shortest road home."
~ An Irish Saying



Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

Skoots1moM said...

i've never investigated my heritage...i do know my mom's family is from Gasper,Germany... German-Jews that migrated to South Carolina in the early 1800's and then to GA/AL later in the 1800's where my great, great grandfather served as a pastor @ the church my mom and stepdad currently serve.
would love to go to Germany one day

myletterstoemily said...

how much fun! i'm writing a mystery about
an irish girl and may prod you for some

Debbie said...

wow I am so impressed you were able to trace back so far. I find it all fascinating. Enjoy your week-end!

Just a little something from Judy said...

My visits here often times remind me to stop and reflect on my heritage. I must tell you that St. Patrick's Day has become more special to me since I started visiting your blog, years ago. I appreciate the importance you place on where one comes from and even more so, as to where one is going to:) I am thankful to know a wonderful Irish girl like you.

elaine@ peace for the journey said...

There is a lot of Irish in me as well, on my mother's side. I'd love to go there some day.