Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Untroubled Surface

Waiting upon God is necessary in order
to see Him, to have a vision of Him.
The time element in vision is essential.
Our hearts are like a sensitive
photographer's plate; and in order to
have God revealed there,
we must sit at His feet a long time.
The troubled surface of a lake
will not reflect an object.
~ Dr. Pardington, Streams in the Desert

Object lessons.  I love them & I hate them.

I grew up around lakes.  Lots of them.  My family enjoyed Sunday afternoon picnics at Clear Lake ~ a picturesque pool beneath Mt. Rainier's gaze.  We also enjoyed Wapato Lake ~ a smallish water body closer to home that is known for its ducks & its rhododendron-lined shores.  And sometimes we made our way to Lake Surprise, where sunny summer days could be wiled away in childish delight, and where a high dive taunted the faint of heart.  That would be me.

None of this makes me an expert on Lake-isms (if even there is such a thing), but it is to say I know just enough about lakes to shout "Amen!" to Dr. Pardington's wisdom above. 

A troubled surface will not reflect much of anything.  Worse, a troubled surface often means that yucky stuff has been stirred up below it ~ sometimes visible; sometimes not.  Loch Ness comes to mind.  Resting on a peat bed & normally dark anyway, a troubled surface means thick, murky waters churn into something akin to Borsch ~ the sort in which monsters love to reside.

Quiet.  Calm.  Restful.  Tranquil.  Expectant.  Focused.  Clear.  Amazing what is reflected in a lake, or a life such as this.  It's not denial of which I speak (God knows I've tried my share of such), but of a blessed, calm assurance in spite of whatever it is that stirs the surface & the depths of a heart, and that is content to wait upon the Lord anyway. 

It's up to me.

“Let your beauty not be external - the braiding of hair and wearing
of gold jewelry or fine clothes - but the inner person of the heart,
the lasting beauty of a gentle and tranquil spirit,
which is precious in the God’s sight.”
~ 1 Peter 3:3-4


Rebecca said...

What a well-stated and much-needed (for me) truth! How I pray and long for this to be the condition of my interior AND exterior reality.

Renee Regnier said...

Thank you for the wonderful object lesson! Blessings!

Maryann said...

What a wonderful analogy, something for me to consider today, what am I reflecting if anything at all. Lovely!

myletterstoemily said...

such wisdom! . . . and convicting.
my daughters need my unruffled,
reflective surface right now.

Skoots1moM said...

In continuing seasons of hormone waters never seem to settle and seem to grow in number...he is my rock to hold as the waves try to overtake

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, great post! Loved the beauty of the lake.
Have a blessed evening.

Denise said...

Much wisdom shared here my friend.

Sonja said...

I think I am a wiggler by nature. That stillness has come hard for me, and yet... I seek it and choose it, when I stop wiggling long enough to do it! :)

RCUBEs said...

This is what sticks to me from that great quote you mentioned:

"we must sit at His feet a long time..."

So true that we may have childlike faith but also can be like restless children who can't be still...

I love being close to the waters. Your post reminded me of many things or lessons we can obtain from merely observing such bodies of water. My family and I were canoeing in the middle of a bay one time and were amazed by the sight of constant moving from different creatures like crabs, fishes, etc down below and made the clear water became cloudy. But what stood out the most, no matter how busy the activity below, the water on top remained calm, even with the passing of some bigger water crafts.

I'm so grateful that the Lord sees our hearts and no matter how troubled deep inside, He calms us with His faithful and true promises...It shows...on the outside...

Thank you for this reflection...from above...Have a great weekend sister!

Shirl said...

I had no idea you were blogging again.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Those with calm and serene surfaces bring the same to me. Trusting and waiting are lessons God is continually trying to instill in me. Thank you for sharing your heart tonight.