Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday's Delights

For nearly two years we've spent every Wednesday together - my sister, Dolores and me.  We vary our routines on those days, but mostly we focus on God's word, family, world events and prayer.  It may not sound very exciting, but I can assure you it is often lively, and always lovely.  Sometimes we sneak away for lunch, or a shopping foray.  But mostly we curl up with a Bible & a cup of coffee, allowing the day to unfold one God-breathed moment after another. 

Yesterday we spent the bulk of our time recalling our parents and our upbringing.  More than once tears threatened to stymie our Time Machine travels.  Sometimes painful tellings of our father's struggle with Leukemia troubled old scars.  The empty space once occupied by our parents seemed so large.  We'd then switch to fits of laughter as each shared unique stories synonymous with being naughty or sassy (you might be surprised to know I wasn't). 

There's a 15 year age difference between the two of us. In our youth it mattered, but not so today.  In some ways, we were raised by different parents, only because they'd learned alot in the span between her arrival and mine.  She was the child of their youth - the first of their four joys.  I was the child of their mid-life, born when mother was 42 and dad 46 - the last of their progeny.  In between are two others: Barbara & Carol - 13 & 7 years younger than Dolores, respectively.  Together we are the Wells Girls - a neighborhood identifier we all cherished, though not half so much as our father. 

(L-R, Dolores, Carol, Barb & Kathleen)

It stands to reason that Dolores' memories would be colored in different hues from mine.  But make no mistake, the distinctive thread that runs through both our lives is this:  we were loved & nurtured, & taught to appreciate the things of hearth & heaven.  Our parents were firm, but never stern or unkind. 

It was so good to see you again yesterday, mommy & daddy.  We love & miss you, & look forward to that day when we rendevous for eternity.  Thank you for providing such a secure, noble upbringing.  Thank you for loving the Lord & teaching us to do likewise.  Thank you for loving each other & for demonstrating such respect & affection towards each other, & to us.  We bless & honor you, and give God thanks for having planted us in the garden of your hearts; and you in ours.   


Sonja said...

What a beautiful bunch of girls. I love the time you spend with your sister, much as I do with my own, but only on the phone about every other day. Not as good as being together.

Your ending choked me up... I ditto each word to my own parents. What a heritage we've been given.

Saleslady371 said...

I think it is great that you have Wednesdays with Delores! I want to be remembered by my girls the way you guys remember your parents. It is the greatest thing we can do to share/model Jesus with our family.

Miss Janet said...

Wow! What a sweet, sweet blessing!


Thoughts for the day said...

Isn't it fun to have sisters? I have two of them.

Denise said...

Sisters are precious blessings.

Peggy said...

You are so blessed to have sisters. I am an only child. but I did also have loving parents that I miss deeply everyday.

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I loved this! That must be so wonderful to get to spend Wednesdays with your sister! I only have one sister left and she lives in another state so we don't get to visit in person very often. It's just like you said about you and your sister...the age difference (in my sister's case, 20 years older than me) mattered in youth but doesn't any more! What a blessing you two have to get together and have Bible study or visiting or laughter together! Thank you for this glimpse into your life!

God bless, Mississippi

Just a little something from Judy said...

You pulled me in as you always do. I love the time you spend with your oldest sister. Oldest sisters are special:) I am one. You and your sisters are beautiful!

Your tribute to your parents left me in tears. What a gift you have been blessed with. I appreciate that you rolled back the curtain and left me see into your past. No wonder you are such a special person.