Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sun, Cedar & Soda

Most mornings I make it my aim to walk 2-3 miles.  Typically I bring my IPOD and hand weights, and saunter along to various Christian or Classical music. 

In recent days, especially with the bluing of skies & warming of temps, I have found myself ruminating among the memories of youth.  I still don't quite understand how freshly cut grass or petunias provide passage for such a journey, but they do.  And the idyllic, albeit eclectic collection runs the gamut.

Not far from my childhood home rose a gnarled & stately Cedar tree.  It had experienced more than its share of damage from storms & broken boughs.  Somehow it managed to remain lush & aloft, even thriving.  The crooks & hollows it harbored within made for hiding places in both low & lofty heights.  And on many a summer's day you could find my childhood buddy, Shirley & me roosted there.  From the pinnacles of our perch we'd survey our domain - today queens, tomorrow pirates. I wonder if our laughter & girlish dreams remain within the bough's folds?.

Another favorite sunshine pass time was to head to the corner grocery, purchase a small bag of penny candy, & a bottle of Royal Crown (R.C.) Cola  - not because we liked it so much, but because it was larger than every other soda beverage at that time. We'd then make our (again, Shirley & me) way to any grassy knoll where we'd wile away our time, sipping soda & scanning the skies.  Questions of great import would arise; and then we'd set about answering them.  Questions like: Where do the clouds go when they leave our sight?  Or, If you could have ANYTHING from the Avon collection, what would you choose?

I haven't seen Shirley in many years, but I think of her & those days affectionately - especially when the temps rise and a whiff of Cedar makes its way to me.  I know she would have liked my IPOD.

I thank God, literally & often, for the days of my youth. 


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I remember RC colas. My friend was Gayle. We went so far as to buy the same clothes so we'd match. We did everything together. I recently heard from her again (we've kept in touch on again/off again over the years). Her first words to me were, "Elaine, I have breast cancer." I knew just what to say.

We're still helping one another after all these years and, oddly enough, we've both added a pink ribbon to our wardrobes.

So glad for all the friendships I've known throughout the years. What a party it's going to be one day in heaven!

Love you`elaine

Sonja said...

Me too Kathleen. I picture my sister and I day dreaming and full of hope for the future. It's sometimes nostalgic to remember those childhood and girlish dreams. But you know what?? We both continue to dream right up to this day, and we are dreaming with far wiser eyes than we did then, but still we dream and hope. God's hope never ends, and the older I get the more that hope means.

Happy Sunday friend!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, What a great post-you brought back memories for me too-a neighbor and I watched Man from Uncle, drank RC Cola and ate soda crackers. Great job walking my friend, if I lived close I'd join you!
Hugs, Noreen

Denise said...

Such a sweet post.

Christine said...

What great memories here! How simple it use to be too. I honestly feel sorry for this generation of youth right now...I fear that electronic has taken away many a pirate ships and wonderful tree house kingdoms. Blessings

Debbie said...

Isn't it fun to reminisce? I remember RC Cola. I only wish you lived close again so I could join in on a walk every now and then. But I have to admit it's so HOT here now that we'd have to go about 5 in the morning.

Just a little something from Judy said...

With written words, you transported me back to a simpler time. What a gift you have to be able to do that. You are such a gifted writer and I am a grateful reader. I am still smiling about the big bottles of RC Cola. I too treasure my childhood memories, and that too is a gift for me.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

At age 51 I am doing a lot of that also. I stopped the other day and bought a coke and put peanuts inside the coke to drink with the it. My grandfather used to do that and that was his treat for me when I helped with the just gave me such kids thought I was crazy.

Your memories are precious...and now you have moved back you get to pass the places daily...what a blessing.