Monday, January 30, 2012

Blogger Blahs

I dare say, I've got the Blogger Blahs.  Try as I might, I have absolutely nothing sage, or sound, or simple, or sassy to flesh out here.  Mind you, I've thumbed through photos, considered a few devotionals, dug around the old memory bank, prayed, flipped through a book or two and checked the calendar.  I've even attempted to glean something from current events. 

Lackluster is the best description for what's ruminating (or not) in my thoughts.  It means:  lacking in sheen or brilliance, or vitality; dull, mediocre.  Not exactly sassy.


Peggy said...

I've had Blogger Blahs for a few months now. For me, it's related to my health problems nd this time of year. I hope yours doesn't last long. I so enjoy your posts.

Rebecca said...

That sun must have baked it all out of you! (I assume you're back home.

Maybe you could tell us how you came to select "Sassy Granny" as your aka one of these days????

Debbie said...

I know what you mean. But whenever you write something, it's usually so good. We all have a few days like this. I know you'll be over the blogger blahs soon Kathleen.

Love you,

skoots1mom said...

been in a little funk here, too...i only post about twice a week now...ho hum.

Denise said...

We all get the blogger blahs sometime my friend, love you.

manthano said...

What encouragement. Other people suffer it.
But you???? Wow!

Now that you have joined the crowd, plug in your
battery charger. Like when you charge your lap top.
And get a fresh charge.

God bless you Kathleen.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Oh my goodness, have you read my mind lately? I am almost on the verge of offering my heartfelt goodbyes to the blogging world, and yet...I just can't bring myself to do the final post.

As for you, my friend, if you just post a simple "good morning, God is so wonderful" post, signed Sassy will lift my spirits. It makes me smile to know someone with a brilliant mind like yours, has the same problem as someone like me:) Brings me comfort on this Tuesday morning.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Glad to hear that there are soo many of us with that problem. Some times I feel like I am always saying the same thing, just in a slightly different way, haha. That's why I occasionally go with the answer these questions meme's you find. Plus I figure the grandkids reading someday will learn more about their grandma that way. Welp, I am sure the old juices will start flowing soon...meanwhile, have a wonderful day! HUGS

RCUBEs said...

I think we all go through that and I'm glad you posted about it...There is a season for everything...Prayerfully, more "productive blahs" are on the way...Blessings.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You could always post your oatmeal/raisin cookie recipe again!

No worries. Just take a walk; rest up. The details will come in time. Sometimes, when I feel all plugged up with my writing, I just play around with it. Tell myself I'm not really going to do anything spectacular and then, just start writing. Sometimes, just the discipline of writing is enough to spur the creative juices.

For what it's worth...


Cheryl Barker said...

Hope the sparks start flying soon for you, Kathleen. Another way to think of it though -- what feels lackluster to you might be the exact word that hits the spot for someone else. Love it when God does that!

Cheryl Barker said...

I tried to leave a comment a minute ago but think I clicked away too soon. Will try again. Sorry if it comes through twice :)

Sure hope the sparks start flying for you again, Kathleen. Another way to think of it, though -- what feels lackluster to you may hit the spot for someone else. Love how God works like that!

Sonja said...

I tried to leave my 2 cents worth, not sure it went through. So I'll give it another try.

Prediction: Absolutely a temporary condition, your not having a blog to write!

The words that are floating around in your mind and heart and such a gift from God... so I'm just here to tell you, whether you write another blog or none, or 1000 of them, you will NOT be rid of me!!

I am so blessed by what God has put in your heart, and so challenged by the words He has given you, words that make me run for the dictionary many times, but never words without real meaning for me and so many others.

I just dare anyone to tell me that my blogging heart friends are only 'cyber' and not real! My life is abundantly enriched because of these cyber friends, and my walk with the Lord has been so encouraged and strengthened.

Shall I keep going?? :)

You WILL be back, and so will I! In the meantime, maybe Elaine had it right when she said post your cookie recipe, or one of the other things you've discovered in the kitchen. My parents may chuckle at my 'sermons', but they would absolutely belly laugh if they thought I was performing in the kitchen! :)

Hugs... enjoy these days and the time off, it's just fine.

Karen Lange said...

I've been fighting this off and on for the last two years. Still not feeling particularly sparkly. Looking ahead for inspiration and guidance. Cheering you on as well! :) I am sure we'll gain all the wisdom we need.