Friday, December 30, 2011

Ring In the True

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Many of you shared some rather inspiring, if not altogether humorous grown-up Christmas lists this season.  So it's quite likely you're crafting an equally grown-up New Year's list of resolutions, wishful thinking, intentions.  I know I am.

I like that word:  intentions.  It speaks of responsibility & accountability; of purposefulness; of will. It's the antithesis of leaving things to chance, or of expecting that someone else will fulfill my intentions.  

By being intentional, it means I have skin in the game.  It means I'm willing to pay the price (ostensibly, because I've counted the cost) for those things I've selected, a willingness that means there can be no playing of the blame game.

For many weeks now I've been making notes in my journal, collecting ideas & scriptures, considering where I've been (the rearview mirror), and wondering where I'd like to go.  No ... that's not quite true.  I've actually been wondering what it is that the Lord has in mind for the next steps of my journey.   Rightly or wrongly, I have concluded that 2012 is long stretch.

Crafting a grown up New Year's list is no easy task, but in order to ring in the true, it is well worth the exercise! 

A person’s steps are directed by the LORD.
How then can anyone understand their own way? 
Proverbs 20:24

 LORD, I know that people’s lives are not their own;
   it is not for them to direct their steps. 
Jeremiah 20:23

This is true:  I'll have no more to say here for 2011.  The pages on the year are now sealed, a calligraphy'd "The End" emblazoned on their backside.  Therein lies all the adventures, joys, challenges, sorrows, frustrations, learning, memory-making, concerns, curiosities and losses of a year now packaged for history.  From now on, to get at them I'll have to again use the rearview mirror - - not all bad if I'll be honest with myself.  And quite good if I'll acknowledge just how much I owe to the Lord in their coming-and-going.   Sometimes blessings actually hide amidst a loss or a frustration, which is often overlooked until the passage of time seasons such. 

This is also true:  I'll return in 2012 and, hopefully, have much to share within the pages of this entirely new book.  Fresh starts are just that, fresh.  I will also be around to collect those things that are born of your grown-up New Year's list.

Farewell 2011.

Above all else, guard your heart,
or everything you do flows from it. 
Keep your mouth free of perversity; 
keep corrupt talk far from your lips.
Let your eyes look straight ahead; 
fix your gaze directly before you. 
Give careful thought to the paths for your feet
and be steadfast in all your ways. 
Do not turn to the right or the left;
keep your foot from evil. 
Proverbs 4:23-27   

For last year's words belong to last year's language 
and next year's words await another voice. 
And to make an end is to make a beginning.
~ T. S. Eliot


Denise said...

Good post.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I have so enjoyed this past year of reading your blog and getting a word here always! Looking forward to what 2012 holds in store for us all!

Sonja said...

oh AMEN Kathleen! Me too! I am already intentionally going about what 2012 is going to look like in my own life. God has spoken loud and clear about certain areas, and the rest He will unfold as the days go by. I am ready!!

Love you sister!

Nancy said...

Girlfriend, you said it all....Leave what is behind and strive for the good ahead....I am with you all the way....

I have been pondering on the subject of my word for the coming year....I haven't gotten direction as to what that will be but I am sure that God has it all planned out and tell me when it's time for me to know....

Happy New year...and many blessings in the coming year......I have really enjoyed visiting with you this year and look forward to more adventures next year...

Hugs and blessings,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I feel kind of out of the game here. Everyone is making their lists and reporting on them. I haven't thought past tomorrow... much less 2012. That being said, I'm sensing that this new year will hold many changes for our family. I'm ready to move forward... one day at a time.


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good post...just great. It reminds me of the lines in the song I posted during Christmas time..."this baby boy is making all sad things untrue"

May you see the Lord each step you take, may you enjoy the journey He has already established before you.

Thanks for sharing here and letting me peek in on your journey and your wisdom

Happy New Year

RCUBEs said...

Happy New Year sister and thank you for always encouraging me if not here also whenever you visit me. God bless and protect you. I am also wondering what is in store for me but He is amazing that whatever the enemies planned to destroy me, He always turn them into "blessings"...I might not know what's coming but I'm truly grateful knowing He never leaves us and He is quick to reach out.