Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thong-Wielding Warrioress

Lining both sides of the east/west boundaries of McKinley Park - the haven of delights across the street from my childhood home - were Cedar trees.  Lush & pungent, by the time I met them they were gnarled & sinewy & stunted - - no doubt the result of the clamoring of children.  Long before I nestled myself in their boughs, others had done so.  They were surely the castles & kingdoms of many a childhood fantasy; and surely they were mine.

(The pool at McKinley Park, with my childhood
home as a backdrop)

I learned a good many things in that park.  It was there in the 3 foot depths of the pool I learned to swim, and to play (most of the time, well) with others.  I built many a mountain & moat in the sandbox.  I grew agile & fearless at the heights of the Monkey Bars.  I learned to steer clear of clover with bare feet lest risking a bee sting.  It is where I encountered, and dispatched my first bullies.

Bobby & Tommy Yerbery were neighbors.  Their father was a policeman; and their house boasted a collection of scrapping boys.  My father was an industrious house-painter; and my house boasted a collection of frilly girls.  They delighted in tormenting me ... though now, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, their torments were largely of the pigtail-pulling type.

But one day all that changed. 

Having had enough of their intimidation, I removed my thong (hopefully you remember when THAT meant a rubber sandal, or a flip/flop?), and took out after the bigger of the two, Tommy.  I figured if I bested him, the other would think twice.  Once my lanky legs caught up with him, I beat him within an inch of his scrappy life with that thong advising him that he'd best cease & desist or risk another such lashing.

They became two of my best friends, not to mention allies. 

It's good to know how to wield a Thong, though I've found better means of resolving conflict now (I think).


Kathie Bryant said...

Finally,someone who knows the "real" meaning of thong!!! Loved your post. Have a great day.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved this story! What a wonderful time to have grown up-the freedom to play in parks, climb trees, walk fences and stay out til dusk. I can remember walking all the fences in our neighborhood-I'd probably freak out if I saw my grands doing that.
You've brought back my memories...thanks dear friend.
Happy Labor Day.

Rebecca said...

I STILL call flip-flops "thongs". Can't help myself. Can't remember wielding one though!

Ray Barnes said...

What a lovely picture you paint.
If only all conflicts were so easily resolved.
I trust you kept, and framed the thong.

Sonja said...

I have to admit that your heading sent me straight to your blog, thinking Kathleen has got to mean something else!! And of course, you did. :)

Good for the warioress who used her 'thong' in such a creative way, and made some real friends in the process.

Yep, life has honed and toned the 'thong smacking' days, and yet... I'm kind of enjoying the picture of you chasing that boy down and letting him have it!!


Alice Lynn Alfred said...

Sassy Granny...what a lovely story. I am so glad you clarified your definition of a "thong"...I was having a really strange image in my mind for a brief moment and a good laugh. I hope you publish your have such a wonderful way with words. Have a very blessed Sunday!! Much Love ~ alice

Miriam said...

Your days of growing up sound like my days! Boy, we could run and play all without safety gear then!
Yes, I know what you meant by a thong--lol! I might have used one a time or two on some boys growing up. Either that or water balloons.
Loved your post! :)

Saleslady371 said...

Ha-ha-ha. Watch out for a lady with a thong. I use to chase and beat my brother with my hairbrush. So I was no better behaved.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Good for you! I always figured you for a gutsy lady. :)

I remember when you could get that form of footwear for a buck or less. These days, they go for $20 or $30 if they have the slightest decoration. I'm happy to stick with sturdy walking shoes.

skoots1mom said...

where are my thongs?...i need to use them!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Oh laughing tooooooooooo hard...sounds toooooooooooo much like me in sixth grade. Now I have taken off my thongs (flip-flaps thank you) and used them on one of my boys bottoms when misbehaving in public...sometimes those boys just need a thong popping
This is it!

Peggy said...

I enjoyed your post. I can see in my mind the picture of that little girl hitting that bully upside the head with her flip-flop (glad you cleared up the thong word. You go, girl. Blessings to you!

a woman who is said...

I must confess to having whacked a boy or two in my day...I think once I used a baton...he was saying some very bad words to a friend of mine. =| Whoopsy

I remember flip flops!

Fun story

Katherines Corner said...

The thong diaries...giggle. Sending hug your way!!