Friday, September 9, 2011

From Sea to Shining Sea

This week, Cap'n Hubby and I spent several days navigating the waters between the Puget Sound and those of the Washington State's Uppermost San Juan Islands.  Locals are well-acquainted with the legendary beauty of these seas, especially when fair weather makes for a Mariner's Delight.  Such was our experience.

Just a few scenes & scenarios to share with you ...

Packed & ready to go!
The First (and Only) Mate 
awaits Cap'n Hubby's dockside pick up.

The Marina drops the "Irish Wake" into the water.

Our first day's journey took us from Tacoma up through the waters
of the Puget Sound, passed Seattle & onwards to
Port Townsend across rough seas (aka white caps
& rollers that freaked me out).

Safely into port, Cap'n Hubby settles us in.

Nothing like a bit of Chinese Food for hungry mariners.

Before heading into the San Juan Islands, 
we detoured via Whidbey Island
for a nostalgia trip.  First stop:  Admiral's Cove,
where hubby's now-deceased parents once resided.

Whidbey's second stop was hubby's parents first/primary home,
where our children grew up around their dining table, tide-pool
laden beach, stormy/windy breakfront & panoramic views of the
the shipping lanes & freighter traffic.

We roosted long & overnight here in Friday Harbor.
What a busy, touring-rich target it turned out to be!

Here we are pointed decidedly towards Sinclair Island (with 
incredibly rough seas impeding us), and with Mt. Baker beckoning
us onward.

As a point of reference, Sinclair Island was - for many years - the summer home for Hope & Max, hubby's father & mother.  It was also a vacation destination for we and our younguns, where many a summer was spent combing the beaches, picking wild blackberries & making berry cobblers, reading vast numbers of books, sleeping deeply & long in the cool/salt-scented air, and making so many memories none of us has yet been able to capture them all!  Hope and Max are long-departed now, but not the footprints & seaprints they left us.

This is the Post Office on Sinclair Island;
an island inaccessible by any means other than private boat 
or chartered bush plane (that landed on a cow pasture; and our
children's favorite way in).  The Post Office dock was a favorite
destination of our daughter Molly's - perhaps 
because it captured her imagination, or because it was
just so darned cute - or both.

Here we have the "cabin"; now missing the
tree swing out front, as well as the infamous windowed
outhouse.  The new owners have also put new steps &
siding on it, but nothing can mar the fingerprints left
on the windows left by OUR children! 

As we eventually made our way South, and home again,
we enjoyed our route via Deception Pass as we headed
down the backside of Whidbey Island.

In silence we navigated, enjoying the 
brisk but sunny salt air, the occasional 
visit of sea lions, seal & dolphins,
and the memories that flooded & nearly 
swamped us - - a welcome, though 
unexpected by-product of our sea journey.
We went out expecting a sea adventure, and
returned with a boatload of nostalgia.


Melinda said...

Looks like someone else has been doing some "still listening" in nature's bounty. We've been mighty blessed, have we not?

Much love to you, my sassy friend!

Rebecca said...

What an amazing tour! I enjoyed ever scene and scenario you shared here.

I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to experience this personally. Sometimes I wonder why I want to leave the continent?!? So many places left to explore right here!

a portland granny said...

What a great getaway! Is there anything more majestic than our wonderful, glorious northwest?? Those pictures were marvelous. I plan to send this post to my sister, who, with her husband, spent many happy days in the islands with their boat.

What a wonderful time of life for you--kids raised, retired, and a few toys to make life more fun!!

Sonja said...

I'm there... right now! Move over captain and 'crewman'... make room for one more on your next jaunt!

There is nothing more beautiful than the Pacific Northwest. My Norwegian roots always feel at home there, and so did my mother. It was always one of our family favorites to travel up that coast to Seattle and all around. This boat ride was wonderful, and I am in love with that little post office! :)

Thanks for such beautiful sharing in pictures and words.


NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Loved seeing this post-the middle of next month hubby and I will fly into Seattle where dear friends will pick us up and then we will all go to San Juan and Orcas islands for a week. Is there anyplace that we just shouldn't miss? Glad you had a fun trip.
Hugs, Noreen

Alice Lynn Alfred said... is absolutely breathtaking. I soooo wish I could be with sassy granny and sassy granny's hubby. Thank you friend for visiting my blog!! And thank you for sharing this post ~ I am living the experience vicariously through you!!:>) Much love ~ alice

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

How beautiful...I haven't seen this part of our country...thanks for sharing...and all the family memories..what treasures.

You got back in a boat after your last boating venture...well I am standing and applauding your courage...go girl!!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I count it a real privilege to travel this journey with you. To see and hear about moments from your past. The countryside is so different from my part of the world. I can't imagine what precious memories your heart holds from the summers surrounded by nature's finest. How special that you and your husband had this quiet time together. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Miss Janet @ HOME said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Your blog is lookin good! Keep it up.

:) Janet

Donna Lynn Grace said...

A beautiful adventure! I remember reading about the San Juan Islands in The Shack and thought it would be so cool to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm with Molly! I'm sure an entire book could be written about that post office.

What a beautiful adventure you are on, sister.


Diana Ferguson said...

What an awesome adventure!!!

Patrina's Pencil said...

I can smell the salty air. This was so fun. I loved Mt Baker. Beautiful! As you know, my kids are in Lynnwood. Someday, hopefully - I'll be there too. It looks so beautiful, but i don't know about the rain and no sun - and only 2 days above 80 degrees all summer. Maybe the winters are mild enough to enjoy.

thanks for sharing these boatload of nostalgia.

Patrina <")>><

T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

Wow! A fantastic sea adventure indeed! And I'll bet the 1st mate had to do all the work! :-)

God bless and have a great week :-)


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kathleen -

Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I've never been to Washington State, so I enjoyed the tour. :)


KelliGirl said...

Wow! Spectacular pictures. You know how I love to travel. After a day of 9/11 remembrance it's refreshing to bask in the beauty of God's incredible creation. Looks like a fabulous voyage...and that you're a fabulous first mate!

Blessings and prayers,

LisaShaw said...

Wow...beautiful scenery and sharing Kathleen! I'm sure you and your Captain Hubby had an incredible time. Can some of us tag along next voyage out? :)

Love you! Good to see your precious face too!