Friday, September 2, 2011

Disclaimers, Footnotes & Apologetics

Hardly a morning passes that I don't spend time quietly reading scriptures and listening for God's whispers.  That's not a boast, but a confession.  You see, when I don't start my day that way, I often find myself shipwrecked by 9am (if not sooner).

A by-product of my morning musings is the frequent brainstorm (the source of my blog posts).  Of such a thing, Merriam informs us about it's meaning:
  1. a violent transient fit of insanity, or
  2. a: a sudden bright idea b: a harebrained idea
That said, I guess I'll have to let you decide which of my posts fall into which category.  

But let me further confess a couple of additional items.

I'd like to think everything I post falls into the suddenly-bright-idea type - - inspired, inspiring and encouraging.  That wish might well fall into the transient fit bucket, but I can hope ...

I would also purpose to not to be verbose, or come off with great swelling words.  Surely that would & should be categorized as harebrained.  Besides, if I want you to visit and to read what new brainstorm I've crafted, I know I have to keep it something short of Dr. Zhivago-est in length or risk a "sorry, I've gotta dash" outcome.  But that's not to say there won't be a bit of sass interwoven.  Afterall, a Sassy Granny MUST employ a wee bit of such :)

In all ways, my desire is to carve (sometimes bushwhack) a trail here; a trail I'd be proud to have my children & grandchildren follow (the very mission I declare in my Profile).  I dare say, that trail may have thickets & thorns at times, but they are never meant to impale or impugn or impede ... not me, not them, and definitely not you. 


Rebecca said...

I get a lot of MY "brain-storms" in a similar fashion :) I applaud your efforts to shun verbosity. It sure makes it easier for me to visit more regularly.

You definitely are carving a "proud" trail here, Kathleen!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I love it...I admire it, because I wish I could put my brain storming down on paper to be read without it looking like I was totally crazy!

Thanks for allow many of my thoughts to be poured out on paper. I am just too simple minded to get mine on paper.

Alice Lynn Alfred said...

Your honesty is so refreshing. I can relate to the beginning of this post - regarding the need to be with Him or the day is shipwrecked. I am so looking forward to reading more of your life in the coming days, you have such a great way of writing and expressing your thoughts ~ what a blessing!!! ~ alice

Sonja said...

Smiling in Texas! You do have such a compelling way of saying things. Even if you WERE to blog a hairbrained idea... it would always SOUND so good!! :)

Smiles aside, I am always challenged and stretched by your expressions on this page, as I am sure your kids and grandkids will also be. Most of the time I have to read and then re-read so I am sure I don't miss something. This is a rare and very special 'Sassy Granny'.


RCUBEs said...

I always tell my kid, "Start your day with the Lord,end your day with the Lord..."Knowing that things of the world can be too distracting!

It's awesome when we have that "alone time" with the Lord especially first thing in the morning. Like that picture where the lightning seemed to hit the tree and we could guess so many end results to that tree, I picture you brainstorming and being fed by His Word and His awesome love zapping you, it's so unfathomable that no.1 seems to fit the end result (your posts).

You always inspire and encourage.

That header of mine was taken from Morro Bay, CA., a fav spot by this family. It was fun to go kayaking and in the middle of the bay, there was actually a piece of smooth, sandy beach where you could take a stroll and rest as you paddle a canoe or go kayaking. Lots of restaurants around. But famous for the Morro Rock right in the middle and people who live there think that it generates its own weather. It could be so clear with surrounding areas, then it's just foggy on that spot. Actually witnessed that on our last vacation as if some clouds were being emitted from the top. God's way of dropping jaws, I guess!

Happy cruising and praying for your safety and a fun time! Stay dry! :) (I'm remembering the time when you went fishing. Sorry to bring it up...)Thanks for encouraging me in the midst of my battle. God bless.

Alice Lynn Alfred said...

Sassy Granny...thank you so much for visiting my blog and for taking the time to reflect and comment - which really added a new twist in thinking for me!! I feel so honored and blessed and I am so grateful I found your blog....I so appreciate your ways of thinking, your insight and your style of expressing these things through the pen!! Have a "sassy" Labor Day Weekend ~ PS Thank you for the kinds words regarding my name!! That put a smile on my face ~ Much love and many blessings ~ alice

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You've always stuck to the course, Sassy, always stayed true to your mission here. I'm proud to share the road with you and your musings.. and your thong! Have mercy... the imagery.


PS: For the record, I was a chaser and punisher of boys on the playground!

Just a little something from Judy said...

My early morning hours need to be started just like yours. Without time spent in quiet communion, there is no fuel to start out or to keep going. But, I totally agree with Sonja, in that always, without fail, my visits here are refreshing, inspiring, and ALWAYS thought provoking...sometimes for an hour or two after the fact. The blogging world is so blessed to have a "Sassy Granny", and I enjoy seeing glimpses from your past, as to how you got that way.