Sunday, January 2, 2011

Breakin' from Bloggin' for Bits of Braggin'

Bear with me ... I'll get this over with quickly & all at once -
My collection of Grands, beginning with Baby Blue Eyes.

Kole's First Christmas

Daddy & Mommy loving on Kole

Kole's a scene-stealer!

Somebody will pay for this someday!

Not only does he now have a walker,
but he's been crawling since he was 5.5 Mos old. 
Watch out world!

Hangin' with cousin Erik (16) and brother Kaden (12)

Allie - soon to be 13!

Our beautiful Katie - 17

Kelly - Being cool at 16

The light-hearted Rylie (14) (being tormented
by Uncle Kelly)

OK ... so I front-loaded a few more photos of Kole than of the others. 
I confess:  he's captivating! 

I also confess that I couldn't love any one of these more than any other.  They're a precious batch of Grands that I will forever cherish! 


Parents/Youngest Son Kelly & DIL Katrina -
Katie, Kelly, Kaden & Kole

Parents/Daughter Molly & Fiance Tom - Rylie, Meagan, Ava

Parents/Olddest Son Brad & DIL Megan - Erik & Allie

P.S.  I don't have a current photo of Meagan (9) & Ava (6),
our two NEW grands since Molly is about to marry Tom.  I'll
be adding them soon.


Tiffany Marcotte said...

Love this! They are all so beautiful! I hope your Christmas and New Year's was amazing.

Patrina's Pencil said...

You are one blessed 'granny'.

May you be even more abundantly blessed in 20011.

Patrina <")>><

Debbie said...

Oh couldn't agree more. A wonderful bunch of grands. Aren't they wonderful? My cup is overflowing too. Already gran to 8 and my middle son will marry in Sept. and give me 4 more! And my daughter is "trying" to start up her family now...Just doesn't get any better. ENJOY everyone of yours.

Just a little something from Judy said...

Seeing pictures of your good looking young people was a real treat today. What a blessed lady you are and how fortunate they all are to have you in their lives. I really enjoyed seeing each picture and knowing how they all have a special place in your heart.

Rebecca said...

I totally understand the braggin' thing! Theses are beautiful children. Looks like "Blue Eyes" has many older ones to spoil him!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

How precious...Lord willing I will enter this grandmother circle this year...I think that would be an awesome gift from the Lord for my 50th year!
These are great!!

Debbie said...

Kole has the most precious baby blues, that's for sure. Look out ladies in 2027; lol.

Happy New Year! I've been MIA in blogland lately but much has been happening here. Will catch up soon.


Sonja said...

What better reasons for a blogging break! They are adorable, every one of them. That baby... I could SQUEEEZE him right now!! :)

Runner Mom said...

THese pics are awesome! What a beautiful family you have!! I love that you put who belonged to whom at the bottom of you post! :) It's the little things that I appreciate!

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

What a beautiful family and a growing ... BIG family. God bless you and may HE continue to bless your sweet family.
Happy New Year,

LisaShaw said...

Your family is beautiful and precious! Thank you for sharing them with us! Enjoy every single moment...

Love and blessings to you and to them this New Year!

Saleslady371 said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us, Kathleen. I hope the new year is a wonderful one for all of you!

Much love,

Loren said...

Oh my goodness! Your grands are just Gorgeous and that Kole is DARLING! No wonder you are captivated :)
I LOVE the boots and I am pretty sure you are exactly right...some day :) someone will pay for that one! But don't you know they will adore it nonetheless!

Thank you for sharing all of them with us! They are a blessed bunch of grands to have such a wonderful Grandma :) I know they must cherish you just as much in return!!

Bless you my friend!

Diana said...

Thanks for sharing all your grand "Grands." They are precious.

Gwendolyn said...

We are so blessed by grandchildren. It's a special relationship we can have with them, as you say, that you'll cherish forever. Thank you for sharing these pictures of your precious ones with us.

Nel said...

What a great looking bunch of grandkids all of them, but oh my gosh the eyes on Kole. What a cutie. Nothing like those grands!
Thanks for sharing!
until next time... nel

Sheryl said...

oh i enjoy seeing pics of your grands. they are blessed to have a sassy granny like you.

and i LOVE rylie's sweatshirt!!!