Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Streaming Thoughts

So many thoughts are streaming through my mind this morning. Many of them are associated with the Christmases of my youth; and they summon tremendous joy & gratitude. How blessed was I to grow up among a family so strong, and so loving.

However, this morning the streaming thoughts include concerns for my beloved brother-in-law, John. He's married to my oldest sister, Dolores; the father of five; grandfather to 11; and about to become a great-grandfather for the second time. Having had three sisters, he has been as close to a brother as they come.. (So, too, my other two brothers-in-law, Jim & Hal).
At 80, John's life has been full & rich in all things valuable, mostly family. His humor, work ethic, indomitable spirit and reserved calm are widely known & highly valued.
Today John lies in a hospital bed - so very, very ill.
The past 18 months have been especially challenging since his kidney failed. He undergoes dialysis 3-4 times a week, where he's become a bit of a living-legend (no surprise to me) due to those characteristic I've noted above; and the fact that his daughters often drop by to hang out with him during the procedure. They show up bearing cookie offerings. He (and they) are VERY popular!

Just this week John contracted pneumonia which landed him in the hospital. While there, other problems brewed; and today they are looking at a spot on his heart that may well be an abscess or a clot. It is not a good report.

Whatever the day brings, right now it has begun for me with a heart that is both joyous and troubled. It is a heart heavy with love, and with concern; perhaps because one is always born on the back of the other.

Your prayers on behalf of John and his family - Dolores, Rick & Andrea, Amy, April, Jim & Julie, Josh, Jessica, Diane, Charlotte & Colby, Lonnie & Shannon, Mason, David & Heather, Hannah, Caleb, Nathan, Monica & Tim, Ashley & Emily - are greatly appreciated.



NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet friend, What a wonderful tribute to your bil, I will be lifting him up before the Throne room today. You are blessed with an incredible family and I know you are cherished! May the sweet memories from past carry you through this uncertain time.
Big hugs to you.

cindy said...

My prayers to God for John and his family. It makes my heart heavy knowing what he is going through. Dialysis is so hard on your body.

Love on John.


Grace on the Narrow Path said...

This morning before I wrote this comment I prayed for John, for God's will, for the family to have peace and to rely on the Lord. I also prayed for you my friend.
HE is faithful . . . John is in the greatest of all HANDS.

Aliene said...

I will pray for John and the whole family. I know it is a hard time for them. We will pray daily for them. Be encouraged in the Lord.

Kay said...

Sending prayers your way. So difficult to deal with these things..I know.

Just a little something from Judy said...

I don't know any of the people mentioned above, but I know you and I see you hurting so I am committed to pray for John, his family, and you, whenever God brings you into my mind. I am sure it must be so difficult to see someone you all love so much, having to go through this dark valley.

Rebecca said...

I like the way you pictured love and concern, always borne on the back of the other. With love and concern for John, you, and the entire family--I pray.

myletterstoemily said...

my prayers are for the Lord to let john
live out fully the full measure of his
days and that he not suffer. when he
is called home, may he do it with an
angelic procession. also that the family
will be comforted during this difficult


Loren said...

Oh Kathleen, I am so sorry and will be praying for all you have mentioned asking the Lord to be with each of them and especially for a healing touch for John.

I have always hoped that no sickness would come during the holidays or worse losing a loved one as I did last December. Saying goodbye to my daddy was so very hard. I will be praying for your family Kathleen!

Sending you hugs, love and prayers

Saleslady371 said...

I just prayed for John and his family. I know what you mean about Christmas memories. They just flood me this time of year.


Beth E. said...

John sounds like a dear! I am praying for him and his precious family.