Friday, October 29, 2010

Going Back

Is such a thing possible, going back? I wonder ...

In a few hours we'll board our U.S. Airways flight bound for Phoenix. On some level it feels like we're going back. On another level, the question dangles: Going back to what?

It's not meant to be enigmatic. It's just that I often conclude there is no such thing as going back.

Even if 99.9% of everything - people, places, things, scenery, weather - remain as they are or once were, at least 1/10 of 1 % changes. That factor of 1/10 means nothing is static.

Who said it? There's nothing more constant than change ...

  • People age.
  • Landscapes become overgrown or under-turned.
  • New things crop up; like roads and houses.
  • Babies are born.
  • The old ones (the ones my dear Elaine calls "the ancients") die.
  • Wisdom roots where the lack of it once dwelled.

Then there's me: I'm different today than yesterday; and I'm hugely different than six months ago, or last year. Even if everything else remained as is, I haven't. Or I sure hope I haven't.

So, we're not really going back to Phoenix.

What we are doing is taking a trip to a familiar, though altogether new place. It means I need to prepare to see things differently; in a new light. To prepare in any lessor way is to miss the fresh, and perhaps the best.

Something tells me the dangling question is exactly why life holds so much adventure, and meaning.

It's possible (and probable) that we never really go back or backwards, but forever forwards.

The best is always yet to come in the economy of the 1/10 of 1%, but only if we allow it.


Loren said...

You are amazing my friend! Much Wisdom in this post and sooo very true!

I hope you have a wonderful trip and as you see things through a new perspective I also pray you see some of the fruit of your labor as I know you have sown many wonderful seeds!

Love you and praying traveling mercies

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Good post...always thought filled, solid post!
Have a great trip and enjoy your adventure!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I just know they will welcome you with open hearts and arms. Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing, and refreshing time in Phoenix.

Denise said...

Very well said my friend.

Terri Tiffany said...

Oh enjoy your trip there to see your good friends:)
I'm going to WA but the other side in March to speak:) Wish you were closer.

Sonja said...

Isn't it true! You are not even the same person who left Phoenix only a few weeks ago, and the home that you knew there isn't 'home' any more, but your new home now fits your forward march to this point. Our lives are chapters in a book, aren't they? How blessed we are to know the author, and we find our way into the pages He already had planned.


Rebecca said...

I imagine this could be a bitter/sweet experience for you. Praying for safety in your travels and for mutual encouragement with all whose paths you cross...

Just because everything is different doesn't mean anything has changed. ~Irene Peter

When you are through changing, you are through. ~Bruce Barton

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kathleen -

Your post resonates with me. When I visit friends in the state where I spent over 20 years of my life, it is both familiar and strange.

The one thing it is no longer: home. Roots that once went deep into its soil, are now firmly planted in another locale.

Susan :)

Beth E. said...

This is deep, Sassy...more than I can wrap my tired noggin' around this evening. ;-)

Seriously, I understand what you're saying. I hope you have a wonderful time in Phoenix, and that any changes you discover will be for the better!

Now, when are you gonna fly MY way? :-)

Love you...

Rita said...

Kathleen, you are right, we cannot go backwards. We can go back and visit old friends, but it is never the same as it once was. When we moved back to a city that we had once lived in, we thought that we would hook up with old friends and just go back to the same friendships. It didn't happen. Our lives had changed and so had theirs and it just didn't happen. I've learned that you just make new ones and enjoy what you can with the old ones. Have a good time visiting!

Debbie said...

All I have to say is ...thank you Lord for sending Kathleen back to Phoenix for a visit!

I even wrote a post this morning on Heart Choices and included a link to this post of yours.

Love you and look forward to seeing your precious face in person.


Nel said...

Enjoyed your post as always! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!
until next time... nel

Aliene said...

Enjoyed your post. It can be applied in many ways. We are not the same as we were, we are growing in the Lord, we see new things along life's journey. Like one said, the old hometown is not the same. It feels foreign now. None of us can reverse the clock. I really don't want to go backward.

LisaShaw said...

Have a beautiful time dear friend and thanks for sharing words for me to ponder.

I loved this: "Then there's me: I'm different today than yesterday; and I'm hugely different than six months ago, or last year. Even if everything else remained as is, I haven't. Or I sure hope I haven't."

Love you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Going back (at least once), I found, is a helpful tool for my moving forward. Since moving here in June, we've been back to our old stomping grounds twice. I don't imagine I'll be there again anytime soon. Not because I don't value the time spent there or the friendships made there, but rather because I've found that "going back" repeatedly can stunt my growth--my vision for what's up ahead.

All that being said, going back has a way of solidifying those "God-prompts" we felt in a season past that told us it was time to get on with the getting on.

I getting on. How about you? I'd love to hear your afterthoughts once you return.

Love my Sassy Granny friend. I even told several patients today they were eating Sassy Granny cookies. They hadn't a clue... even thought you were a "chain brand" or something. Think about it... maybe that's part of your "up ahead."


Beverlydru said...

I sat down with my laptop and thought, "I need some wisdom and inspiration. I think I'll go read Kathleen's blog." Tada! You came through in a big way with His glory all over you. Thanks.