Friday, July 16, 2010

Domestic Dithering

It's 111 degrees and the weatherman is calling for monsoon storms. No doubt said storms will show up the day we plan to load the truck (can anyone say "Murphy's Law"?!).

Such is Arizona life in July!

The sundial has so few grains remaining and - consciously & subconsciously - I'm making lists and checking them twice.

We are ready - beyond ready - to make our exit exactly one week from today; but let me tell you it's been a long season of goodbyes and getting-readies! It's been an equally long season of tears and laughter, as letting go gives way to stretching forward.

Last evening our Home Team hosted a Flanagan Farewell party. I'm posting a few pics, but I'm sure you'll take my word for it when I say they simply cannot capture the affection, fun & solidarity shared among this amazing group.

If ever there was a batch of believers that made doing life together an artform, this would be that batch!

Now I've simply run of of Arizona days; and it's a good thing because I'm also running out of steam.

Right now my mind is doing mental gymnastics as I think through all those things that yet need to be done. I'm greatly relieved that so few items remain.

That said, the Domestic Dithers have set in; and I've been scrubbing woodwork, walls, ceiling fans, bathrooms, carpets (with brother-in-law Jim's help) and floors.

Murphy's Law also seems to warrant that a home is always in better condition on the day you move out than when you moved in! :) What's up with that, anyway?

Guess I'd better toss out all undone Sonoran adventures, such as ...

... learning how to make prickly pear pancake syrup
... hunting Havoline (aka wild pigs)
... climbing a rock wall in the Grand Canyon in search of petroglyphs
... donning a pair of leather chaps as a fashion statement
... raising mules (even though we live on "Mule Deer Way")
... driving the Apache Trail
... eating one more homemade pie from The Pine Country restaurant in Williams
... rustling rattlesnakes

Now I've got to begin working on my webbed-footed adventures list for the Land of Lush to which we soon head.


Debbie said...

Oh what a fun goodbye party from a great bunch of friends. I even recognized a few faces in the photos. It is funny as you do tend to leave a house cleaner than when you moved in. And there are always things that you thought you'd do when you live in a state and realize you never got around to doing it. Oh well, another reason to return, right?

Love to you and Terry,

RCUBEs said...

Looked so fun! The warmth from sincere friendships that showed in those pics! May the Lord bless you and protect you as you start another adventure.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a blessing! Enjoy your new adventure!

Just a little something from Judy said...

With 111 degree tempetures and monsoon rains coming you are probably ready to move on But, with dear friends surrounding you and treating you so kindly, you are probably so sad about leaving. Life is so often like that...the emotions within us pulling us in different directions. My prayer is that the rains will wait for you to get on the road. I am sure your friends will feel the void.

Wish you both traveling safety.

Terri Tiffany said...

Only one week to go!! Wow! I think it is awesome you get to go back near family but I have to admit, I would miss the sun. I want so badly that my daughter will move to Fl someday so we can stay warm and sunny--not the other way around but I guess I'd do what God wanted me to do:)

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

What a busy gal you are! Moving is sad saying goodbyes, but happy in saying hellos! Praying that your and Terry have a safe, happy and healthy journey to your new home and that an abundance of blessings wait for you!

Diana said...

Fun party I know. Hang it there with all the last minute "stuff."

Beth E. said...

I know you have dealt with a gamut of emotions as your moving date nears. What a blessing it is to have such precious friends!

Looking forward to seeing you in September,precious friend!


Saleslady371 said...

I'll take your book on raising mules. Kathleen, I will miss our in-person times, but I know our friendship will last forever. I love you, dear sister, and pray that the move is swift, the temps drop some and you all arrive safely. I'm feeling real good about your decision to relocate as I pray and look forward to all the wonderful things God has in store!

Big, big hugs!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I understand... haven't left a parsonage yet that wasn't in better shape than when I found it!

And I understand about running out of steam on all fronts. Time to get on with the gettin' on.

Love you.


Rita said...

It is so hard to say goodbye to old friends, but exciting to look forward to meeting new ones. Our kids just moved and our daughter-in-law was just really dreading the move. I got a call from her the other night and she told me that she didn't know that she could be so happy as she was where they moved. I am hoping that for you too! Be careful and drive safely!

Loren said...

Oh I can only imagine the tears as they are no doubt losing a blessed friend and godly example! So hard when goodbyes go so deep! Praying for you my dear friend ~ your emotions, your strength, and all you have left to do!

Love and blessings

Rebecca said...

"If ever there was a batch of believers that made doing life together an artform, this would be that batch!"

Of ALL I could identify with in your post, this statement haunts me in a good way. I even am copying it down in my hand-written journal and making it my prayer for a couple of the "batches" I'm a part of!

I believe you will soon be part of a NEW batch and pray for that as a significant result of your "new life"... until we are finally and REALLY home.

Sonja said...

Praying for a smooth transition Kathleen. Once the decision has been made, there comes a point when it's just time to do it, despite the emotions of leaving. There is so much ahead!

Hugs & safe traveling...

Jackie said...

Kathleen.....Praying that your move and transition will go well. We've moved and been transfered so many times over the years that I can now look back and KNOW that His hand was in our moves like divinely ordered "connect the dots". Yes, it was sad and difficult to leave friends that have become woven into the fabric of our hearts, but He comforted me years ago with this scripture...."For I have learned, whatsoever STATE (FL, GA, AZ or ???) therewith to be content"...Phil 4:11 (emphasis mine). I'm praying that within this next chapter, you will have such an overflowing heart of contentment and your journey ahead will confirm that your latter will be greater than your former!!

Safe travels and overflowing contentment!

Sweet Blessings!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kathleen -

I'm glad you've had time to dig around those deep roots and gently tug at them until they eased out of the Arizona desert. The Lord also prepared me for the transition between New England and the Midatlantic area.

May you embrace the new and you release the old.

Susan :)

Nel said...

What a wonderful group of friends, but I am sure new friends await you! Ohhhh the pie in Williams. We ate there last summer when we out that way. Can we say wonderful!
Hoping and praying for safe travel and an easy adjustment!
until next time... nel