Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Last Great King of Egypt

There's a hidden part of me that has long longed to be an archeologist.

I know, I know ... at 62 it's probably unrealistic, albeit idealistic. But the mysteries of ancient civilizations captivate me, and none more so than the Egypt of antiquity.

With rapt attention I have often dialed into National Geographic and other specials concerning the days of the Pharaohs. It's no secret that brilliant minds and equally mysterious intelligence forged the once-great culture romanticized today.

Egypt is hardly the stuff of lore. It's history is well-documented, with many texts and relics in existence today that flesh out the mummified memories of it's glorious past.

In one seemingly innocuous, insignificant collection of Biblical texts (Jeremiah chapters 43 & 44) I've been reading about the plight of the Jews about to be banished to Egypt for their steadfast affections for tradition & false beliefs above their love of God. First summoned out of Egypt & delivered from cruel slavery by Moses, they are now sent back there in a punitive measure to get their attention.

Their reverse-exodus from Israel occurred during the reign of various Pharoahs, among them the last great Pharaoh, Amasis. It is his name, along with that of Hophra that caught my attention as I read through Jeremiah's bleating texts.

So today I donned my khakis and headed out for an archeological dig from the ease of my recliner & laptop.

Back to Egypt I go, dialing in on it's last great Pharoah, Amasis.

Having failed in his bid to oppose Nebuchadnezzar, Hophra turned his attention to his country's western border. In 570 BC he led an army into Libyan territory, in an effort to stop an invasion of Greeks.

The Greeks made short work of his army and sent him back to Egypt in disorderly retreat. A mutiny broke out in the
ranks, between native Egyptians and foreign mercenaries in the Egyptian army.

A bold and respected general named Amasis declared himself Pharaoh Amasis II
. By most accounts, Hophra fled, gathered an army of mercenaries, and then tried to recapture Egypt.

Amasis, whose name means "H
e who embraces the Heart of Re" , met him in battle at Memphis, and Hophra was captured, taken to Sais, and afterward executed by strangulation.

Amasis buried Hophra with full military honors at Sais, and continued as a puppet king, paying tribute first to Babylon and then eventually to Medo-Persia.

What's the point here?

It's that pharaohs and kings and rulers with a heart after Re (anyone or anything other than The Creator God) will be found as Amasis - - the last of their kind, with little more than sand and script to profess their greatness. Better to have a heart after God's own!

That, and the fact that God's word stands true & certain.

Now there's a mystery worth digging into!

May the Lord direct your hearts into
God's love and
Christ's perseverance.

2 Thessalonians 3:5


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Heart2Heart said...


I too, am fascinated about the wonders of ancient Egypt and perhaps its due it part to that is where the world truly has its roots, perhaps hidden somewhere guarded by angels with flaming swords is the Garden of Eden.

I found this post fascinating!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

LOVE THIS! My son and I are studying Egypt right now, just finished Rosetta Stone and working our way through the Old Testament and Josephus. I am going to have him read this.
Thanks for sharing, so timely with what we are learning,

LisaShaw said...


Once again, once again... meat to chew on. As I read your sharing from GOD's word I could not help but think of what I'm seeing TODAY.

What says it all for me is:

"It's that pharaohs and kings and rulers with a heart after Re (anyone or anything other than The Creator God) will be found as Amasis - - the last of their kind, with little more than sand and script to profess their greatness. Better to have a heart after God's own!"

Again, makes me think of some of what I see in the earth today. It would be better to have a heart after God's own FOR SURE!

Thank you for sharing a message that is full and I say at 62 GO HEAD and do it all as GOD leads girlfriend! Many saints of old were given their best assignments by GOD at ages the world would have considered old but GOD's timing and will comes way before our earthly ages!

Love you.

Debbie said...

I too love archeology and am so fascinated by it. I think we learn much from the lessons of the past. And of course, studying about the Israelites in the OT gives us much to consider even in our present day.

Kathleen, I pray that you will always continue to share with us what you are studying and learning. I love that you too are a life long learner. Whether you are 62 or 102, I know you will continue to stretch and grow your mind. And I love that you study from the best resource, the Bible.

Love you,

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

When I was a child I wanted to be an archeologist. In school the only history that captured my interest was ancient Egypt. As an adult, I still would love to go to Egypt and dig through ruins and learn more about its history.

Thanks for sharing!

Rita said...

You go do the dig and I will come and photograph you! I am fascinated by photos and would love to take some classes on it. At 68, I wonder if I'll ever do it, but I'd love to know more about it. This was a very interesting "dig" you did today! If we can't go, at least we can google that info. Right?

Just a little something from Judy said...

I can't say that I love archeology, but I do thoroughlly enjoy studying the happenings of the Old Testament and history. I just finished the book of Exodus and found it so fascinating how God took care of idol worship by the pharoahs and kings of that day. The stories like the ones you shared speak to us today too,and show us how God desires our total allegiance.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kathleen -

Fascinating stuff! I never thought of God's people going into Egypt as a reverse exodus.

Susan :)

Yolanda said...

Isn't it so interesting about the trip out of Egypt, to only be sent back to Egypt?


Diana said...

Enjoyed the Wednesday words!

Beth E. said...

I love to sit under your teaching! No matter what your age, God has great plans in store for you! Keep digging into His word and He will reveal many more treasures.

Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge, friend...I'm getting so edumacated! :-)


RCUBEs said...

Obviously, you found the GREATEST TREASURE doing a little digging in a few hours, than those who have been digging for years! Who says it's too late to be an archeologist? As long as you don't depart from God's leading, not like those Israelites when they went back to Egypt. Like what I told you before, I always feel satiated, after reading your posts. God bless.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

This was so interesting!! I have always been intrigued by the egyptian artifacts!! Very mysterious, I think!!

Great post!!


Shirl said...

I was thinking recently, as I was doing some devotional reading, how God struggled so with the children of Israel following after other gods. It is a pattern that repeated itself over and over. They would go after other gods. God would chasten them. They would repent. They would go after other gods. God would chasten them. They would repent...

But is it any different today? Even in the church itself!

Brenda Leyland said...

Hi... found your link on Tiffany's site and it jogged my memory that I haven't been in a while....

Good to have a visit again ad See what you're up to! Hope the move goes well and that your new home will be filled with peace, comfort and much laughter!