Monday, June 14, 2010

Gitty on Up

The weapons we fight with are not
weapons of the world.
On the contrary,
they have divine power
to demolish strongholds.

We demolish arguments and every
that sets itself up against
knowledge of God,
we take captive every thought
to make it obedient to Christ.
2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Have you ever attempted to round up your thoughts? Every thought? Not just the disturbing or worrisome, but even the good ones?

In the referenced text I am again reminded that it's a process for which I'm responsible. It's a process identified as a "weapon"; one placed decidedly within my reach like a rope, or prod.

Too, and in keeping with man's free will, God isn't about to ride the range of my mind, shuffling little thought-dogies back into the safety of the herd. That I must do, or not.

The "or not" part is easy. I might label it as being open-minded, or an expansive-thinker, or free-spirited. I can justify just about any position, any rambling notion. In truth, it's an indulgence (one I all-too-often grant myself). Pure and simple, it's disobedience.

... you were dead in your transgressions and sins,
in which you used to live
when you
followed the ways of this world ...

All of us also lived among them (the world)
at one time,

gratifying the cravings of
our sinful nature

and following its desires and thoughts. ...

But because of his great love for us,

God, who is rich in mercy,
made us alive with Christ -
even when we were dead in transgressions -
it is by grace you have been saved.
Ephesians 2:1-5

Throughout the Gospel accounts we hear it said, " Jesus knew their thoughts ..." On the conscious level I know that. I further acknowledge that I know that I know that, even at the subconscious level! Even so, the implications get clearer-and-clearer as I age.

The fact is, what goes on between my ears is as telling as what goes on in my daily life, which - in turn - makes it all the more imperative that I insist those thoughts are rounded up.

I dare not permit the little strays to wander onto the precipices of life. BUT, if I find one or more there, it falls to me to dispatch the hound to nip at their heels until they are safely herded again.

For the word of God is living and active.
Sharper than any double-edged sword,
it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit,
joints and marrow;
it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

P.S. This content has been stirring in my heart a lot of late. Then, in today's reading of My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers, it was driven home (pun intended) even more dramatically. Ever wonder if God wants you to "get" something?

Off to saddle up ...


Terri Tiffany said...

All the time! I love the new look of your blog! It is so fresh looking:) How's all the change there going? I hope well. I told my husband the other day we get to meet up the next time I come out there!

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Oh my word! I just dropped my boys off at a vaction Bible school and guess what the theme is?? Cowboys rounding up herds. All done in a cowboy on the range, bringing/reigning in herds, and the whole range theme. But the point is, like driving home herds they are driving home GOD's answers. It was the cutest thing with the cutest videos (I silently & secretly hung back to watch it). And then I read your post...right in line with the video. Hmmm....

rosel said...

His Word...sharper than a knife...ouch! But that's why it's truly alive, it's life-changing as He works in us. His Word reveals who we are and what we are not. It discerns what is within us-good and evil. May I choose to make that right decision to let Him shape my life...Great post! as always. Have a great week ahead sister Kathleen. God bless you.

Sonja said...

you know the word YIKES... I sure find myself saying it out loud at the end of many of your writings, and this is another one of those!! This was a very vivid picture of 'taking our thoughts captive'... one that I am very aware of in my life these days. It's getting late!!

Excellent Kathleen! For me, for sure. When it hits a nerve... you know you're on to something!

Karen Lange said...

Good advice, saddling up, that is. Thank you:)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Those thoughts can sure get out of control if we don't corral them.

Susan :)

Loren said...


As usual I learn, I ponder, and leave here knowing the Lord has spoken through you YET again! thank you for always being led by the Spirit and sharing the gift of who you are with all of us!

Love you Kathleen

Rebecca said...

Such a powerful "secret" to living a fruitful life! The visual you provided will help cement the principle in my mind.

LisaShaw said...

Amen and all the time! He indeed wants us to get it!

Powerful and rich sharing Kathleen!

This I will walk away with:

"The fact is, what goes on between my ears is as telling as what goes on in my daily life, which - in turn - makes it all the more imperative that I insist those thoughts are rounded up."

GOD used 2 Cor 10:4-5 to change my life in the early 90's and has continued to use it to deal with what's between my two ears too!

Thank you my friend!

Saddle up! Round-em up! Off we go!

Beth E. said...

Oh, Sassy, I confess that there are some nights when my thoughts break out in a stampede! Those are the sleepless nights, I guess.

This is an awesome post, as usual, my friend! Thanks for the message and - most importantly - thanks for the scripture references.


Melanie said...

this speaks to me