Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adding to Merriam's Collection

It's time once again to scratch my head over the many & varied security words required to gain comment-access here in Cyberville. What's up with these corny configurations anyway?

My take ...

  • Glitzner - A chemical that removes bling from all things bedazzled.
  • Norbundt- A tactical maneuver for women attempting to get the remote from their husband.
  • Bigurtz - It's what happens after you "beget" more than 4 children.
  • Morvotni - A concerto on the harmonica.
  • Messot - A small varmint that nests in boy's sneakers.
  • Twednt - What happens to all the people that Tweet.
  • Hipthilis - Another term for large thighs.
  • Propic - What happens to the dentist when he's not gentle.
  • Zoosh - A well-know tactic used often by Dr. Seusse.
  • Luntrip - A Volga boat-ride in Russia.
  • Crisch - Like a croissant, this delicacy is served on National Doing Laundry Day.
  • Seratypt - Oh dear ... this is what happened to Sera when she "tipped" a wee bit too much.
  • Jurunta - A form of hunting while on African safari.

What about you? Do you ever laugh aloud when confronted with a scrambled word? Any favorites you can recall?

May this day be filled with the joys of laughter. Such a balm!


skoots1mom said...

i laff a lot at them also...
and the new words are fun to assign a definitionl...never know, it might catch on...
my word verif'n today: reasto??

Sonja said...

my word below is EPULL... when my husband is trying to get me out the door! If I'm trying to get HIM out, it would have been SHEPULL!!:)

Nel said...

You are too funny! Yes the words are crazy, but you know we might start our own language, that only blogging buddies can understand. lol Mine today is NONAT. Dang that is awfully close to nofat... hmm they trying to tell me something. Hope you have a great day!
until next time... nel

Angel said...

You are funny!! I too laugh at the words sometimes!! Sometimes they even seem to go with the context, which is weird!!

Love and Blessings

todays word - vinstrip, hmmm

Beth E. said...

My word verification below is spectics....

It's after midnight, here in the AppaLATCHian mountains...I spectics time to go to bed! ;-)


Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for the laugh. I particularly liked, "Sera tipped."

The one for this comment is, "reqerth." Hmm, I don't know what that could be translated.

Susan :)