Monday, April 5, 2010

Suitable Theories

I never guess.
It is a capital mistake to theorize
before one has data.
Insensibly one begins to twist facts
to suit theories, instead of theories
to suit facts.
~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A physician by trade, and a prodigious writer by avocation, Conan Doyle is the author & finisher of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Thus his understanding of the fictional versus the factual is rooted firmly in his scientific mind.

That masterful mind would have grave difficulty with the following. Mine does, too, though my boast is somewhat less scientific ...

Fossil Find May Be 'Missing Link' in Human Evolution

Scientists hope discovery of child skeleton will help them to work out what our ancestors looked like and to determine key dates in their evolution from ape-man to man-ape. A fossil skeleton of a child discovered in a cave system known as the Cradle of Humankind may represent a previously unknown stage in the evolution of man the (London) Sunday Times reported.

Notice the positioning of the words "may" and "hope" in the headlines. How is it, and why is it that many from the scientific community insist upon testing their faith against THIS theory over any other? Too, why is it their theory (for evolution is nothing more than that) is proffered as fact; taught, even, to our children?

I suppose that's why I couldn't help but note (and appreciate) Chuck Colson's commentary in today's Breakpoint, "More Than Monkeys".

Now don't get me wrong. Speculation and theorizing, as well as the brain-storming they spawn are good things. I have no qualms with the scientific community's desire to take their evidence on in such a fashion. After-all, faith is not blind, as some would posit.

But make no mistake: theirs is faith every bit as powerful as my own. Theirs is a worldview; plain and simple!

The intellect is a marvelous machine; and - coupled with fact-finding & wisdom born of reason - it is a tool that may, or may not draw conclusions rightly. Much depends on one's objectivity, or lack thereof. Twisting facts, as Conan Doyle tells us, can be oh-so tempting - on both sides!

And let's not forget that even science has had to move their benchmarks & conclusions from here-to- there on umpty-umpty occasions. Their theories have often not withstood time, new data, or the depths of reason.

Facts are funny little creatures.

Mortals offended by a Creator and/or the Creation Worldview will always seek evidence to prove it wrong. They hope their finds may lead them to the truth, but only if that truth supports a nothing-from-nothing first cause.

Eeek!! & Eureka!! What, pray tell, would they do if they discovered otherwise?

I guess it all depends on who tells the best story. Plausible or not, good story tellers can twist facts and make them stand erect as if never having been twisted. I've relished & enjoyed reading a few - albeit un-scientific - authors of this sort - Jean Auel and Dan Brown, to name but two. It would, truly, be a capital mistake to buy their fancy as the substance of one's faith.

Best to let the Creator tell the story Himself, I say.

Now there's an Author Who never twists facts!

For in six days the LORD made heaven
and earth, the sea, and
all that in them is ...
Genesis 20:11

The earth is the Lord's,
and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.
For he hath founded it upon the seas,
and established it upon the floods.

Psalm 24:1, 2

And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning
hast laid the foundation of the earth;
and the heavens are the works
of thine hands:
They shall perish; but thou remainest;
and they all shall wax old
as doth a garment
Hebrews 1:10

For a flip-side view of evolution, I recommend several good sites:

The Institute for Creation Research
Answers in Genesis
Creation Science
Real Creation Scientists, or here
Former Evolutionists/Now Creationists
Scientists Who Reject Evolution (Believer & Non-Believer Alike)


Lloyd said...

I believe that the theory of us evolving from monkeys was laid to rest years ago when DNA showed that there was no way that could have happened. God's Word is true today as it was yesterday and foreever. God bless, Lloyd

Andrea said...

"Best to let the creator tell the story Himself!" I love this...
Blessings, andrea

Parsley said...

I don't know how I keep missing your posts but I'm glad I found this one.

sonja said...

oh my... how clear the truth stands! All the if's, why's and may's just crumble with the truth of God's word.

Man will forever put their spin and their futile hopes out there.... and then we go back to the Word, and there it is!

Yep, I liked this one Kathleen...

Debbie said...

I'm amazed at how many people still cling to the theory of evolution.

I'm so glad that God created the world and everything in it; including me. I love knowing that I exist and my creator knows me and cares about me.

Love you,

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Interesting post Kathleen. Thanks LORD who YOU are. AMEN!

Runner Mom said...

Love this! And thanks for the wonderful sites that you listed.My boys enjoy reading this research.

Your words and insight are such a blessing! Hope you day is wonderful!


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Some things simply cannot be quantified/taught/reasoned out in a textbook. As my husband was preaching yesterday morning he said something that caught my attention... something along the lines if he could open up his heart and show us living proof of the change that God has made within, he'd do it... it's just that real. But he can't; instead, with tears streaming down his cheeks he said that we are the ones that must be willing to open up our hearts under God's microscope and allow him the examination therein. I know I don't do the moment justice, but it was powerful and made me think about the "real" that we hold and how so often that "real" gets missed by the world.

And it makes me sad. And prayerful and hopeful that if God can do this for me, he can do it for everyone.

He's just that good... and real.


Technonana said...

I always love it when scientist who are looking really looking for answers find THE TRUTH!! I love to hear their stories!!
Great thoughts my Sista!!

Andrea said...

I love this post! Yes, evolutionists' ideas are only theory, but they want us to swallow their nonsense. I say, "nonsense," for evolution makes no sense whatsoever. It is layered with "if's" and built on quicksand, and one day, everyone will know the real truth of the real Creator. Praise His name!

Thank you for your truth, dear friend! I always appreciate your prolific sharing.



Heart2Heart said...


You make some great points. I wonder just when scientists will understand that God created it all. No evolution is necessary and I can't wait for that day when God shows them once and for all that human evolution is just something that is made up not fact.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Just a little something from Judy said...

On this early Tuesday morning, my brain hurts from having to concentrate so deeply on every word of this well written post. What is the most exciting part of all of this, is the many scientists who have worked to prove their positions on this evolution...have discovered the real, true story on their journey. The One who all of our life's journeys are about. Truth...The Truth will come out in the end. I appreciate the fairness and the kindness you used in sharing these most profound facts, as you always do.

Shirl said...

Drives 'em crazy, doesn't it! ;)

Diana said...

One day.......

We know how the story ends! Praising Him.

Terri Tiffany said...

Good points! I love how you put this:)) (As always!)
Now I want to know why you are moving back home!!

Saleslady371 said...

Wonderful scriptures to back up your points.

Deborah Ann said...

I have a great comment for athiests: If monkeys turned into humans, why do we still have monkeys? :)