Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Eternal Season of Gift Giving

"Being justified freely by His grace. . ."
Romans 3:24

Such a glorious reality and yet it is often swallowed as if a heavy boulder, if even it's swallowed at all.

What is it about we mortals that wants to (knowingly or unknowingly) undo what has already been done? Why is it that we insist we've achieved our own salvation, then boldly demurely proclaim how we've heroically humbly managed to keep it?

Some gifts are simply too precious & priceless to grasp. Imagine being
given the Hope Diamond, and then explaining how it wasn't really a gift at all, but something earned, achieved. Or, worse, adding or taking away from it's incalculable worth by hammering a new facet to it. Just a little tap.

I must confess: I do it. Well, I do it for awhile anyway ... at last or until a sweeping touch of grace reminds me anew that what I've been given is not pedestrian. It's otherworldly and innerwordly; and so great is it's value I couldn't afford it if even I worked day and night my entire life to get it, or even to keep it. My "add to"s or "take away"s do little more than blemish both the gift, and The Giver.

How grateful we - believers - can be that gifts such as this One cannot be lost, stolen, returned or thrown away. We are the gift given to Him, and He will never underestimate the cost or the value. Your worth and mine is infinitely precious.

To us ... He, and all that is wrought by, through, in and for Him (for us) is the gift that truly does keep on giving. No false advertising there!

We have to realize that we cannot earn
or win anything from God;
we must either receive it as a gift
or do without it.

Oswald Chambers


Linda said...

So true. We are so blessed to have received this gift of salvation, and so human in our attempts to earn it. Good morning thoughts.

sonja said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! The very gift that means averything!
Great way to begin the morning.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

christy rose said...

Kathleen, I really do not think that we actually do get it! We say that we do but we live as if we don't. We can talk about God's grace and mercy and make it seem that we know it is all about His love for us and His work accomplished for and in us, but we live as if there is still a burden upon us to keep God from being a person who takes back his gift if he does not think it is being valued or appreciated. The truth of the matter is the more we understand the completeness of our salvation and God's provision for us because of it, the more we will truly long to commune with Him in the graciousness of His gift, love Him and desire to be like Him. It is actually appropriating more depth of the gift of His grace that empowers us to have any change in our behavior or attitude at all. The only burden we should feel is the burden to know more fully the greatness of Jesus and work that was accomplished on the cross for us because that burden will motivate and empower us to cherish it more and more. The greater the revelation of the Truth we receive, the more our lifestyle will reflect the power of the Gift!!!! It is just almost too good to be true and that is why it is so hard for us to get. BUT GOD! He will not quit! His love never fails! His Word does not return to Him without accomplishing that which He was sent for. I love the Oswald Chambers quote! This was such an awesome post! I hope that those who read it receive great revelation from it.

Karen Lange said...

Amen:) Much food for thought. I think I need to go ponder this some more! Blessings!

manthano said...

Makes me appreciate my salvation even more.
Thanks and God bless you.

Rose said...

Praise God. I love the way you presented our relationship with Jesus. He paid a dear price for us and one the Father doesn't take lightly. To think one could lose it, or discard it, is beyond my thinking. Jesus himself said,that he kept all that had been placed in his hands, except one (Judas) in order that prophecy might be fulfilled (paraphrased).
You gotta love Chambers, he cuts through all the muck and goes straight to the heart of it.
Thank you, I really enjoyed this post.

Be blessed,

Kay said...

We saw the Hope Diamond at the Smithsonian and I remember thinking it didn't even look like I thought it would look... how funny and fickle we can be sometimes. But love this post so much! I don't think we fully understand all He is to us sometimes.

skoots1mom said...

what a wonder is His Presence...unworthy am I and so thankful He loved us first :D
great post, Kathleen...thanks for re-igniting me to the REAL reason

Just a little something from Judy said...

So thankful for this post and so beautifully it reminds us of the gift above ALL gifts, this Christmas season. We are so unworthy, so loved and so valued by the God of the universe...what could possibly be better!

Your sweet comments on my blog, encourage me in ways that you could not possibly know. Thank you so very much

Denise said...

Amen, amen.

Diana said...

Praise God - we do not have to try to earn His grace that He so freely gives!!

beBOLDjen said...

What a wonderful post! I didn't have time to leave a comment yesterday after I enjoyed it.

I read this last night and it was still fresh in my mind as I gathered my little ones around for our nightly Advent readings. Our reading opened up a discussion which lead to the children's Daddy and me sharing the Gospel once more. Aurora (our middle daughter, age 7) received the Lord last night. As I watched the Holy Spirit pour into her and the prayers spontaneously flow out from her mouth I marveled at just how wonderous a Gift has truly been given. Her Daddy and I sat in the living room after she went to bed with joyful tears streaming down our faces, relishing the privilege of being witness to such an event, while listening to her sing herself to sleep in praise of her King.

Later that night, tucked in my own bed, I was transported back in time to the night when I first asked God Almighty to be my Daddy and when I asked Him to hug me. He hasn't let go since.

Praise God our Father and the Glorious Lord Jesus Christ Whom every good and prefect gift comes from. He has made me a RICH woman.