Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's With Those Words?

A confession: Whenever I visit a blog site that has a security code associated with leaving a comment, I typically come away giggling.
Who do you suppose sits on the security counsel that decides which code to give? In my mind's eye I see the Wizard of Oz.

Check them out. Here's just a few that are included with my own personal interpretation of them. No doubt you'll never see another one without a giggle of your own!
  • Promb - The dance that fell far short of the dream.
  • Blibnar - The language spoken by Mork.
  • Zelluber - A device that lubricates zells.
  • Stintzi - A performing lizard.
  • Helpub - A clinic that serves ale.
  • Fletsyze - A German curse word.
  • Cirztip - A bad ending to a good story.
  • Gortrance - The entrance to Al Gore's home.
  • Zebeener - The greens I'll fix with bacon.
  • Aepnoard - A ditsy chimpanzee
  • Melga - A character from a Tolkien story.
  • Upsunz - What happens when you're too sassy.


Rose said...

Kathleen, can you read minds? My thoughts towards the words was a little more along the annoying vein. Half the time I can't make out the letter and have to type them a couple of times till I get one I can figure out. I just love you definitions, those are too funny. I will have to tell my "grampr" (that's the code word I am looking at as I type this!) How funny!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Sweetie...
This is to cute. I love it. My favorite is Stintzi the performing lizard. I am sure I have seen him perform on my block wall a time or two. How cute. Gotta love this one.

I've got to agree with Rose. I too have to retype some of those darn codes. I thought it was me, my eyes had gotten worse for sure. Thought maybe it came with old age or something. Thank you Rose. I feel better.

Love the post. So great, and gave me my morning chuckle.

Thanks for sharing sweetie. Have a beautiful Tuesday. We sure woke up to a beautiful cool morning today. I am so lovin it.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

Hysterical!!! Thanks for sharing!

Loren said...


Oh my goodness ~ I just love you....these are great! I laugh when I type them as well but I am not near this good OR THIS FUNNY :)

BLESS YOU my friend .....Have a Happy Day

Saleslady371 said...

That's even if you can read them some of the times!!!!

skoots1mom said...

ha ha ha ...my word verification for this blog post was "metative"...
if I'm 'tative' who are you????

Beth E. said...

Sassy, you crack me up! Not only do you challenge me with your vocabulary in your posts, now you are making up new words! Hehe...

My word verification here???
POOTID...I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole! ;-)

Love ya,

sonja said...

too funny!! And my word is CARNIZA.. sounds like a carnal carnival!

Heart2Heart said...


I do this all the time whenever these pop up. Some one had them up on a weekly blog and we had fun guessing what the definition of the word was.

Love the definitions you have provided! Great way to play while you blog.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

RCUBEs said...

You're very observant and it paid off by making us smile :) I often wonder, too where the codes come from...sounds like another language to me...God bless you sister.
I looked in advance. The code said, "prowre"...I know I heard it before...from a drunk inmate who meant "power" but was stuttering.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Here is mine.

kraterec - a mysterious medical condition thought to cause the person to make the sound of a cat hacking up a giant fur ball!

Very funny. Ya just have to wonder what bizarre algorithm comes up with these combinations.

Gortrance - The entrance to Al Gore's home. Love It!


manthano said...

I thought reading bumper stickers was fun.
Now you have taught me a game to play
while in the recliner.


Denise said...

Thanks for making me smile.

Rosezilla said...

These are hilarious. My word is munnob. I keep imagining it bonnum. But that isn't funny like your definitions are.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL! So at first I thought they were real!!
Have a good day:)

2Thinks said...

Ha! These unwords always crack me up too. Probably the same guy who sits around figuring out the names for paint colors thinks these up. They're probably the paint color name rejects.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Only you...

Fletsyze being my new favorite "of for heaven's sake" kind of moments!


FYI, the one I'm typing in now for this comment

"cochrat"--what you get when a roach and rat unite as one. I'm not kidding.

Precious Gems said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I just wrote a blog you might be interested in. Take a peek!

LisaShaw said...

Oh this is good Kathleen!!!

Jackie said...

This cracked me up! I'm getting ready to do a very similar post.......I'm keeping a list of these quirky "words" next to my computer...some are hilarious!

I also was visiting another post this a.m. and they have a similar idea LOL!!

I guess quirky minds think alike - let's see that would be "qmta"!! LOL!

"Gortrance" LOL, LOL, LOL, falling off my chair!!

Sweet Blessings!

Angie said...

too cute! I have seen some doozies myself...but every now and then...one that makes perfect sense!

(like the one today...whersa)