Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Come Out

Jesus called in a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out!"

The dead man came out,
his hands and feet wrapped
with strips of linen,
and a cloth around his face.

John 11:43-44

Pastor used this passage in a recent message given at church. I can't honestly tell you what the message was about just now, but I can tell you I was mesmerized by a fact, a truth that crystallized because of it.

How many people do you suppose were buried alongside our friend Lararus? And how many of them might also have had the same name? Afterall, we know of at least one other so-named - the beggar we find cradled in Abraham's arms post death (Luke 16).

So, why didn't every Lazarus "come out" at what certainly must have been a loud call? Why only the particular Lazarus that Jesus summoned?

This isn't meant to be a trick question. Afterall, there is no right or wrong answer.

What's on my mind is how singular, personal and intimate is God's knowledge of us.

The name of Lazarus, whether common or uncommon in his day, was associated in Jesus' mind with one man: the one He loved. Certainly He loved the others, just as He loves all mankind. But this one man - this particular Lazarus - He'd known before time began, before creation.

He also knew that this Lazarus would indeed "come out"; that he would obey the voice of His Lord and Savior. Afterall, the sheep know their Shepherd's voice and will obey no other.

Whether there are countless Kathleens named since the dawn of time, I am certain that my name (and the name of every Christ-follower) are likewise known, likewise precious, likewise purchased from among men.

I needn't fear death or some post-death torment, for my Lord has already bid me "come out". It's the ultimate freedom He purchased for me, and which I accepted many long years ago - a freedom I can't add to or make any better than it already is any more than our dead friend Lazarus could have. It is finished!

No grave will hold me either!


~*Michelle*~ said...

Not sure if my comment went through....I got an error message!

I wanted to say that I am looking forward to hearing "come out, Michelle!"

I love the way you write.....you offer such inspiration~!

.....Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Shirley said...

I agree with Michelle! You are an inspirer!

I had never thought of this in this light before. What an awesome concept!

Terri Tiffany said...

I've never thought of it like this--it tells me he knows us intimately doesn't He?
I pray your holiday is filled with blessing after blessing!

Loren said...


This is precious and I agree with all the others...
You writing blesses me sooooo!

I love how the LORD loves us sooo intimately and this is such a wonderful example of that! Thankyou

Have a bless day

p.s. I seriously can't help but laugh everytime I am typing in the security code after you post on those silly words....here is mine from below....Lord help us ;)...........TUBME..........lol

rcubes said...

The Lord surely caught just "Kathleen's" attention about this wisdom when it was being preached! That is awesome about Him, how He knows each of His children intimately!
Happy Thanksgiving to you Sassy Granny! May God bless you abundantly!

christy rose said...

Amen! It is finished! We are destined to annihilate death at every angle because of what Jesus did for us. No grave is going to hold this body down. :)

Deborah Ann said...

Beautiful...it never occurred to me that there might be more than one Lazarus. But in God's world, there's only of each of us. Great post!

Beth E. said...

I had never thought about that before, Sassy...but I'll be pondering it the rest of the day!

Oh, and one more thing...I agree with the ladies above. Your writing is so inspiring. I hope you know how precious you are to me.


manthano said...

Thanks Kathleen.

Your thought impresses me more than ever
about how concerned God is with us personally.

Thanks and God bless you.

Runner Mom said...

This was such a different way to hear this message! Wow! Thanks so mcuh for sharing it with us! Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Debbie said...

We will know when He calls us specifically! It doesn't matter if there are a million people with the same name - we will know when He is talking to us in particular!! Great thought...

Happy Thanksgiving,

Diana said...

Enjoyed the post. Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise said...

Beyond lovely.