Saturday, November 28, 2009

Response to The Call

Samuel was lying down in the temple
of the LORD, where the ark of God was.
Then the LORD called Samuel.
Samuel answered, "Here I am."
And he ran to Eli and said,
"Here I am; you called me."

Now Samuel did not yet know the LORD-
The word (Jesus) of the LORD
had not yet been revealed to him.

Then Eli realized that the LORD
was calling the boy.

So Eli told Samuel, "Go and lie down,
and if He calls you, say,
'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'

Then Samuel said,
"Speak, for your servant is listening."

1 Samuel 2: 4-5, 7, 10

I'm going to do my best to connect some dots that have probably long been connected in your understanding. They are new to my own ... or, at the very least, refreshed from a different angle.

Samuel the Prophet is, perhaps, one of the greats among those noted by name in scripture. We learn of his remarkable, yet humble beginnings in the book that bears his name, First Samuel.

It's from that same book we learn of his call. It's a call that every believer of all time has heard; some while young, some well into their senior years.

Yet there's an incontrovertible fact that ... If one isn't listening, the call either cannot be heard, or it's heard but mis-understood, mis-applied.

It begins well ahead of the listening ...

Eli (whose own sons ignored their own call - a matter we could describe & assess for days on end ...) knew the young Samuel was being sought of God. Why? How? What did he understand about Samuel that he didn't about his own sons?

He rightly directs the young boy to listen to God; not to his own or to someone else's voice. He didn't provide a list of "ten next steps", nor did he build some monument or altar to glorify Samuel for having been called of God.

He directed the boy to God's voice (His word, aka Jesus).

Until that moment, Samuel had been listening to and tutored by Eli. Something was changing ... and Eli, to his credit, directs Samuel wisely.

In obedience Samuel does what he's told. The rest is history.

How simple. How humble. Listen to God and obey Him.

I wonder how much grief (or folly) we could spare ourselves and others by simply directing them to do likewise?

Don't mis-understand. I love teachers, preachers, commentators, journalists, bloggers. There's a wide world and a wide array of wonderful, thought-provoking stories or teachings or demonstrations of God's ways. None of them equal The Word.

Sometimes the simple gets by us as we seek out the complex, the sensational.

Speak, Lord, for Your servant is listening.


Shirley said...

I only have one word: Wow

skoots1mom said...

listening followed by obedience is His BEST combination for us :)
great post...
continue enjoying your weekend

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Love this! I needed this today in a big way.

Love to you my friend!

manthano said...

You have hit at the core of our need today.
Listening to the Holy Spirit.

If we listened to Him (The Holy Spirit - the
Lord.) We would not have to follow a bunch
of wild eyed preachers or teachers with
their own agenda. Namely your money
and following.

God bless you for this post.

Just a little something from Judy said...

"Be still and know that I am God"...stillness, quiet, listening, and following...missing ingredients on the most part, in our world today. This post is so beautifully worded and so true. There is true power, wisdom and direction to be had in just being still...with God, knowing God and listening to God.

Thank you for this thought provoking and inspirational post...again, my friend.

Rosezilla said...

I couldn't agree more. We need to Trust and Obey. And read, read, read the Scriptures.

Denise said...


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

The calling of Samuel is such a wonderful example to us all.

How blessed would we all be if we would all listen for God and then ...obey his instructions.

God never makes a wrong step or offers us a flawed solution.He always know what is best, it is up to us to be obedient...

I just love the Old Testament!

Great post!


LisaShaw said...

"Speak Lord for your servant is listening". To use your word, "rich"!

I especially enjoyed this:
"How simple. How humble. Listen to God and obey Him. I wonder how much grief (or folly) we could spare ourselves and others by simply directing them to do likewise?"

So true. Great message Sister. I pray you and your family had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Blessings and hugs.

Terri Tiffany said...

So true! I'm listening but somedays it still is hard to hear:)

Jackie said...

Wonderful post!!

Living in the days of overload it is so encouraging and comforting to rest assured that as we seek Him and stand firm upon His Promises and "lean" into a deeper and closer relationship with Him, He will guide us and speak to us and lead us on in Him!

Yes, Lord! I long to hear you......."Speak Lord I am listening! Glory to God!

Have a blessed week!

Sweet Blessings!

Rose said...

Amen! How much better would our lives be if when we got up in the morning we simply said "YES LORD!" to whatever His plan for our day is.
Thank you for the reminder!


~*Michelle*~ said...

"Sometimes the simple gets by us as we seek out the complex, the sensational."


Great post!

Diana said...

In our study of women of the bible, we are to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Listen and obey.....yes she and Joseph did!!

Thanks for a great post.

Karen Lange said...

I agree, nothing equals the Word! Enjoyed reading this post. Have been thinking along those lines lately - as far as seeking the complex versus the simple. Blessings to you and your readers!