Saturday, October 24, 2009

Clustered Blessings

It never ceases to amaze me how such an obscure collection of un-promoted thought makes its way around the globe.
There was a time when a hand full of little red dots just blew me away - - red dots that represented those of you who dropped by to visit. Most are centered near Washington State or Arizona; natural locales given my roots in both places; or Mexico, where beloved sister Carol resides. But over time those red dots begat other red dots.
Today I just want to say "howdy" and "thank you" to the many who've visited. Most don't leave comments, but they definitely leave a footprint that blesses me greatly.
There are others of you that have become lifelong friends, though likely we'll never meet face-to-face this side of glory. The friendships are priceless, and so unique. What did I do BY? (Before You)
From Alaska to Poland; from Argentina to New Zealand, and to parts in between and all around - God bless you, one and all!


Shirley said...

I know what you mean. I've noticed periods of time when there is an influx of hits from countries outside the U.S. In studying my stats, it appears they are coming from the 'next blog' button on the Blogger navigation bar. I just had one of those 'spells' yesterday or the day before. Lots of hits from South America during that time.

Debbie said...

You have blessed me by your comments on Heart Choices. Yes, this is a difficult season in my life but I too, am grateful for those red dots from all over the world. Blogging has been such a wonderful blessing for me. I love getting to know new friends like you. BTW, I listened to the song you suggested this morning and loved it and the words. Lisa Shaw was so right about you. I'm glad I'm getting to know you.


Andrea said...

It truly amazes me at the map lights up all around the globe on my blogs. I told my husband just last night, "I can't even pronounce some of the places represented." Isn't GOD amazing?

Melinda said...

It IS astonishing, isn't it? I've always looked at it as a way for the "every (wo)man" to fulfill the Great Commission...truly going into "all the world" with the Good News.

So glad our worlds have collided!

Love you Sassy,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

God is so good and He just orchestrates it all doesn't he? I don't even know how I found all the blogs I visit, but I know that God led me to each one.

I love yours :)

Jackie said...

Kathleen.......I just stumbled onto your site (one of those Divinely directed dots) and am so glad I did - what a blessing!
I'm one of your AZ neighbors - I live in Prescott and look forward to getting to know you! I'll be dropping by often and hope you'll pop over to visit some time at Fresh Oil Today....
Sweet Blessings!

Beth E. said...

Howdy???! I love it...have I rubbed off on you? You sound just like a mountain woman! ;-)

I'm so glad we've gotten to know each other via blogland. However, I'm determined to meet on THIS side of glory!


Saleslady371 said...

Likewise, Kathleen! I feel the same about you, my dear. I am proud that you blog from my state. You are "one of a kind".


Denise said...

You are so precious.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Just goes to show you that everyone needs a little sass in their lives, whether here or across an ocean!


LisaShaw said...

You so bless my heart. I'm honored to be a friend that visits with you dear sister in Christ. The LORD has used you to challenge, encourage and bless me in many ways and I so appreciate HIM for that.

I love you much.