Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living Full Throttle ala Durango

The day's feature was fun. We spent most of it atop the mountain at ski resort retro-fitted for summer adventure.
In this first scene you get some idea of what it looks like to herd our high-schoolers. Of note: I may be having a lot of writing-fun at their expense, but this group rocks! They've been so well-behaved & courteous, energetic & good-natured, not to mention grateful & gracious. Any parent would be proud.

OK, so there still teens!

Great laughter could be heard from various points on the mountain's slope, mostly because of the Alpine-sliders. Pastor Greg, wife Lori, & 3 year old Brooke (the boldest among the entire group) set the pace for reaching the finish line at top speed. The rest followed with equal enthusiasm. I watched.
The kids climbed the rocked wall, harnessed up for a bungi-jump experience, and ran all over various mountain trails in the course of the day. I watched.
Then old S
assy had to get in on the action. No silent Paparazzi am I, and not to be outdone by the kiddos. Here I am atop Fu Manchu - living like I'm dying - having de-horned the beast (a stationery beast, I might add) and giving the kids plenty of reason to laugh. The best part (caught on video and sure to show up at church next week) was my many attempts to get on the slippery thing.

The storm clouds mounted for an afternoon of thunder, lightning & torrential rains. Said rain sent the kids scurrying to their dorm rooms for games & rest. We chefs moved swiftly to plan F (A - E all foiled), preparing a home made dinner (spaghetti, fettuccine, garlic bread, brownies) in such a way that it could be delivered to each cabin. Such flexibility!
The day closed with chapel - - two hours of sharing, singing, teaching & prayer. I sat to the back of the room, amazed at the kids sprawled on the floor, Bibles in hand, jotting down notes, and completely rapt while Pastor Greg taught on the value of remaining obedient to God above all. He hit on nearly every diversion a teen could be faced with and didn't mince words. He was funny at times, tender at others, and true to God's word every inch of the way.
Terry and I walked amidst a tired but buoyed group back to our own roost, again to crash for the night. I think I slept in my clothes.
Today's adventure? Another hike. But not before we do a breakfast cookout & devotions at a nearby lake.
Well, at least I'm awake, even if I'm not moving.

Send forth Your light and your truth,
let them guide me;
let them bring me to
Your holy mountain,
to the place where You dwell.
Psalm 43:3



~*Michelle*~ said...

So I don't know what made me smile more....

The photo of you on Fu Mancho, the visual of morning breakfast with devotions, or thinking about how yummy that Plan F dinner sounded.


Beth E. said...

Spaghetti and fettucini??? YUMMMM...or should I say, "Delicioso!"

I think you should upload a copy of that video and post your very first vlog (the kids can show you how if you aren't sure)...I'll be watching for it! ;-)

skoots1mom said...

what fun you've been the're so funny 'watching'.
teens are so fun with their high energy...continue enjoying your time with them...our teens teach me each time i'm with them

christy rose said...

Fun does wear us out sometimes. But it is a satisfying tiredness though. This is great that you are posting your time in Durango

LisaShaw said...

Devotions by a nearby lake sounds awesome.

What a great group! Looks like fun was had by all.