Tuesday, July 21, 2009

About Those Swarms ... Durango Style

I doubt this is the first teen swarm to land upon the mountains of Durango, but I'm certain there's never been another as hungry!
They descended (or is it ascended?) upon us with barely- harnessed energy, behaving as if they hadn't seen us, or each other for that matter, for ten years. Getting them moving in one direction was a bit of a challenge, but eventually they all had their "stuff" and were ready to form a hive at the dinner buffet.
We (the early arriving ones) spent most of the day in the kitchen preparing fixins' for tacos (with homemade tortilla shells), refried
beans, Spanish Rice, and a mega-buffet of condiments, chips, salsa, etc. Can anyone say swooped? I had to laugh, though ... We could have fed a every resort-goer on the mountain so ambitious was our preparing!
Once fed, they were off to chapel while some of us battled a different sort of swarm, mosquitos. We cleaned up as darkness descended, and long into the thick of nightfall. The calf muscles that had protested Sunday's hike to the river were wide-awake - protesting still - and reminding me I'm no longer 26.

I didn't think to have Terry take a picture of my decrepit form falling into bed at 11:30 PM - - many hours passed my usual retiring time. That's just as well. I think my smile was a bit crooked.
Oh boy, more cookin' & kids today. But first, off to the Alpine Slide!
The Lord gives strength to His people ...
Psalm 29:11



Andrea said...

Your taco dinner sounds yummy. I hate mosquito's. They like to have me for dinner.
Praying for lots of Sassy Granny strength for the rest of camp!


Donna M. Kohlstrom said...

What a blast! It's a wonderful way to collapse into bed after so much fun and fellowship!

Andrea said...

Hi, Kathleen! Camp Durango sounds fabulous! And it sounds like you are hard at work! God bless you! I know you will be rewarded for your labor!

I am currently in Missouri visiting my younger son and his precious family. We arrived yesterday, and we are having an awesome time with them. It's so good to see my little grands again!

Thank you for your prayers and love and suport.

You take care and get some rest when you can!

God is good!!!



Beth E. said...

Sounds like a wonderful place - and a wonderful experience! Hang in there, Sassy. Hope you get to bed earlier tonight!

Saleslady371 said...

You are definitely having way too much fun!

christy rose said...

It really does sound like you are in God's perfect place at the perfect time in your life right now. I just feel contentment as I read your post today!