Thursday, August 30, 2007


Whenever I tune into anything that involves people arguing ferociously (can anyone say "Hannity and Colmes?) the thought of Piranha comes to mind. I've checked with Webster, and this is what he has to say about them : " ... fish that have very sharp teeth, often appear in schools, and include some that may attack and inflict dangerous wounds..." To be sure Webster isn't biased, I also checked out Britannica: "carnivorous fish of South American rivers and lakes, with a somewhat exaggerated reputation for ferocity."

There's something scary about words like "inflict", or "carnivorous" - but they seem to fit the often Piranha-like debates undertaken in the name of everything from global warming to whether diet sodas cause warts. Indeed, there is a distinct propensity for ferocity in public domains today that leaves me somewhat baffled.

In looking over my own now-healing Piranha wounds sustained recently while engaged in an online forum, I am more than a little bit amazed at how swiftly these schools attack and the viciousness with which they pull flesh from bone. Funny thing is, this very forum was comprised largely of people that wanted to tear apart those intolerant and hateful Christians that adhere to the Bible, and that speak out in favor of so doing (or against not doing so). Get this: there's actually something more ferocious than the garden variety Piranha, it's the schizophrenic Piranha! Well, I should have known to don a Piranha-suit for protection. I'm old enough to know better.

We Sassy Granny types sometimes want to believe every sea is filled with cuddle fish. How silly.

P.S. I love Hannity & Colmes

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Virtual Arrival

Well friends, it's time I get with this blogging thing. Nearly everyone I know either posts to, or reads from blogs. There's a whole world most people know of as the "blogosphere" that I rarely enter into. It's time.

I must admit, though, that many of the blogs I've read leave me wondering if this isn't just the newest iteration of narcissim. So I'm going to work very hard at being candid without too much attention to the minutia of my life. I have a keen interest in the condition of today's world, especially the treatment of children. I'm even more passionate about the world's need for the blessings of God - a gift that doesn't come without a price. Likely I'll post a good deal along these lines.

This is now my first official post. It seems I've passed from the real to the virtual - an amazing journey for this Sassy Granny!